Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, while I love my camera, in terms of its capabilities, it's annoyingly Sony. Meaning it uses a memorystick duo for storage, which means no eyefi or any other nice toys. And the docking station for it is no longer made, which means it's even less convenient given I never got around to buying one.

So, I've decided I want something with equivalent capabilities, which can take an SD/EyeFi card. What I've got now is a DSC-T100, which is 8.1MP, with 5x optical zoom, and optical image stabilization. And those are basically the specs I want.. Lots of megapixels, as much optical zoom as I can get, and stabilization, in a pocket-sized package. A good macro mode is also nice (this one's pretty impressive).

Speed is important; being able to pull it out and take a picture quickly is a primary reason for having it. And, again, small. Something on par with the T100 would be perfect.

So. Any suggestions?
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