Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 16 November to 21 November

From my Twitter stream:
mon 04:10pm@gfish Hey you kids! Get off my job market!
mon 06:54pm@emckean I don't think that works, due to the phrase "pants-on-head stupid".
mon 10:04pmWTF? We just /had/ a wootoff!
tue 12:16amI have a dozen or so apps on my iPhone that would be really useful if I had a life outside the house. I think I'll delete them for a while.
tue 06:56pmI want smart cross-calendar items. One entry that appears on multiple calendars. So my dentist appt doesn't appear in busycal four times.
tue 06:56pmI have to duplicate it from my personal calendar across three work calendars. It's insane.
tue 06:59pm@AmazonFresh Wouldn't it make more sense for just /m/ to get you mobile?
tue 07:18pm@scottru That's one hell of a resume. You like mine better, right? ::)
wed 12:15am@no_yes from the root, you mean? Will have to try that. Going to /m got me nonmobile signin.
wed 11:13amI always do things for a reason. I don't always know the reason, but when I figure it out I usually turn out to've been correct.
wed 06:38pm@arjache fsvo using. I update it regularly. I have two friends. I want more.
wed 06:48pmDinner and Boondock Saints 2 at pacplace. Then home for the work i'm feeling guilty about not doing right now.
thu 12:03amBeen wanting an all-metal drink mixer for a while. Thanks, @woot!
thu 12:40amStarted writing my first gem. Wonder if the client will let me release it when project is over. Will ask later.
thu 03:21pm@vixy I'll like it better when @echofon supports it.
fri 12:44pm@hollyking you just got yourself demoted to assistant underpriest.
fri 05:39pm@scottru my iPhone: 9 mail accounts. Busycal: 4 local calendars, three gmail accts, several subscribed ics's. Insanity happens.
sat 06:48pmAt red robin. Soundtrack: mid-80s junior high dance.

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