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Twitter posts from 08 November to 14 November

From my Twitter stream:
sun 01:29pmI've been taking sudafed longer than you've been a pharmacist. Please stop reading me the warnings from the package.
sun 02:01pmAt the steamcon meeting.
sun 06:03pmYup. Pretty sure I'm sick. Starting to feel slightly feverish, on top of headache and ear congestion.
mon 10:50amWhy is it that the only IMs I get saying someone thinks I'm hot are all from spammers?
mon 12:42pmo/~ I haven't thought of you in fifteen days and today I still won't think of you o/~
mon 12:44pm@lindvall Ew. Yeah. Just... ew. No.
mon 12:46pm@vixy Low, last I checked. 98.1, as of last night, almost 2° below normal. ::(
mon 01:11pm@lindvall Not remotely.
mon 01:47pm@vixy Depends on your point of view. To a Plutonian, I'm instant death at 50 paces. *shrug*
mon 01:59pmI've made three commits for two tickets today. I think it's time to crawl into bed for a while, before I get any dizzier.
mon 03:36pmHey! AppleTV will now play a sequence of items, at least from a playlist. Wonder when it started doing that.
mon 03:58pm@firesign3000 just yesterday I was saying it couldn't, so I'm pleased to be wrong.
mon 04:32pmWho wants to bring us dinner?
mon 06:13pmPondering registering (my name backwards in Armenia) to use as my own short url tool, just for links to my stuff.
mon 06:21pmA bit expensive, tho.
mon 06:23pmHm. Klout is interesting, in a mildly offensive way. I like how everybody's value is now judged by friendcount. Reminds me of FB.
mon 06:24pm(yes, yes, I'm over-simplifying.)
mon 06:35pmOk. I give up on your entire gods-forsaken species. There is no hope left for you:
tue 08:36am@firesign3000 That sucks. The mini9 uses an Atom proc.
tue 11:39amWow. These earplugs are extremely effective and a little too large for my tiny little ear canals.
tue 01:49pmHm. 3mbit 'business ethernet' for what I'm already paying for a T1? Might be worthwhile, if I can get it here.
tue 01:58pmStupid telecom infrastructure. We're 13.6kft from the CO, and biz-E can only go 9k, 11 under some circumstances.
tue 02:00pmI think I'll move downstairs, where I can sit on the couch, with a blanket.
wed 08:08amGoogle emails me $100 in free adwords credit two months ago, and I used it. Now they smail me another, and it won't let me use it. Tacky.
wed 12:28pmHm. Invites: 30 gWave, 10 Brizzly. DM me if you care.
wed 03:34pmOoookay. No longer logging Adium into my primary Yahoo account, due to spam.
wed 03:36pmAlso, I'm attempting to upgrade one of DECtops (thereus) from Jaunty to Karmic. I expect it to screw up the video again.
wed 04:23pm@mcmoots MOO!
wed 04:42pm@drakemonger s'why I don't draw anymore.
wed 08:32pmok, I can no longer see all of my email accounts listed on a single screen in my iphone's settings app.
wed 08:32pm@CupcakeGoth Ok, it looks tasty. What is it?
wed 09:46pm@ladydrakaina you can send people to me for a while. I've got 20+ left.
thu 10:58amACK. Just watched 30sec of Smarter than a 5th Grader. How can an adult be so stupid slash ignorant?!?
thu 01:25pm@hollyking technically, I'm from suburban Kansas. And yes! Even the rural farmers know what a verb is!
fri 02:08pmAmazon: when ordering same-day delivery, 'delivery estimate' would be more useful with time, not date.
fri 02:15pmLearning me some Git, so I can start using it for three different projects, already in progress. I am so behind the times. *sigh*
fri 02:32pm@arjache I've no choice on 2/3, so figure I may as well go for 3/3. But yeah, it's a steepish curve coming from cvs/perforce/svn.
fri 02:37pm@spinnerin I like the power, but when I have to read a book to figure out how to roll back a change, it makes me feel stupid.
fri 02:39pmAlso on my list of things to learn: rspec, cucumber, deeper capistrano trickery, better rails templates. *sigh*, again.
fri 02:55pm@Elocinnuala be careful with that stuff. Clinical studies show it to be highly addictive.
fri 09:32pmAnd that was my first push to github. Whee.
fri 11:48pmtwo half gig memory units to xfer everything from the old 360 to the new, check. one wall mounting arm for the bedroom tv, check.
fri 11:48pmtv isn't quite where i wanted it, but good enough. maybe get a longer arm later. xboxes are all set up, 'cept for networking the old one.
sat 12:23pmI have 11.5mo to figure out how to work "Intro to Advanced Computational Alchemy" into something I can take to SteamCon.

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