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Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more - POLITICAL PARTIES - POLITICAL PARTIES He was against 'em. Too bad the idea didn't stick. (George Washington) People barely remember him … Picture by: dunno source Caption by: EWAdams via Poster Builder » Recaption This! » View All Captions
The Red Ferret Journal - Ridgeblade - Wind powered generator for the roof - The Ridgeblade is a wind powered generator designed for installation on the roof of houses. [...] 160 words | permalink | One comment | digg this
MAKE Magazine - Teacup Stirling engine - Gorgeous teacup Stirling engine, spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool. From MAKE magazine: Check out MAKE, Volume 17: The Lost Knowledge issue! Buy your copy in the Maker Shed, Subscribe to MAKE, or Access the Digital Edition (if you're already a subscr[...]
MAKE Magazine - Artist's golden penny found in circulation - Jack Daws made ten counterfeit pennies from gold for an art show in LA in 2007. He put one of the pennies into circulation at the airport, possibly never to see it again. Well, just last month, Jessica in Brooklyn found the penny, which is worth abou[...]
Lifehacker - Make Cookies in 90 Seconds with Your Waffle Iron [MacGyver Tip] - Baking cookies in your oven is fine and all, but if you want to turn out some tasty cookies in a very short time, consider turning to your trusty waffle iron. Turns out you're only 90 seconds away from crispy, chewy, cookie-goodness. Photo by Fine Li[...]
MAKE Magazine - How-To: Spider web balloons - So, the stuff inside the balloon that makes the web is called HI-FLOAT, and it's a commercial product actually sold for injecting into helium balloons to make them retain their helium longer. It forms a skin on the inside of the balloon and keeps th[...]
Lifehacker - Eat More Black Pepper to Increase Your Food's Nutritional Value [Health] - Black pepper is often thought of as a last minute ditch to save a flavorless dish, but it really plays a powerful role in your body's ability to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat--even the healthy ones. Photo by Jon Campbell The amount of nutri[...]
MAKE Magazine - Humongous treehouse - That's no treehouse, that's a foresthouse! The Worlds Greatest TreeHouse Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Made On Earth | Digg this!
Lifehacker - Use Your Dishwasher to Clean Potatoes for Holiday Meals [Clever Uses] - With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us find ourselves cooking for more people than usual. If you're looking to cut a few corners and save some time, try washing your potatoes in the dishwasher. Photo by FotoosVanRobin Obviously this isn't [...]
Hack a Day - Psystar taunts Apple a second time - As if bankruptcy shenanigans and an unresolved exchange of lawsuits with Apple weren't enough, Mac clone maker Psystar is really swatting the beehive now with the release of Rebel EFI, a $50 software package that promises a straight[...] - Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish - Telegraph - Shared by Audrey Jellyfish that weigh up to 200kg! A 10-ton fishing boat has been sunk by gigantic jellyfish off eastern Japan.
russell davies - availability subject to availability - Sometimes we should step back and examine the conventions we use. They may not be helping. - blog : Biomedical Lab Uses Shrinky Dinks Instead of $100K Diagnostic Chips - Shared by Audrey Awesome. Michelle Khine's lab at UC Irvine couldn't afford the $100K equipment to make microfluidic chips, a sheet of material with tiny channels used for certain diagnostic tests, so she made her own with Shrinky Dinks
Warren Ellis - Moving Away From The Digital City - (I'm in a foul mood today.) All you people with your augmented reality unlocking the digital city outernet designing the sentient city rhetoric and toys? You know what you're making? Street Clippy. Now fuck off and make something that'll do useful[...]
Coding Horror - Whitespace: The Silent Killer - Ever have one of those days where everything you check into source control is wrong? Also, how exactly is that day is different from any other? But seriously. Code that is visible is code that can be wrong. No surprise there. But did you know that [...]
MAKE Magazine - Catena clock tells time with a chain - If there's one thing I can't get enough of, it is funny ways to tell time, and this catena wall clock definitely fits the bill. Instead of rotating a set of hands, or lighting a digital display, this clock works by slowly turning a chain that has a [...]
TYWKIWDBI - If you have Blue Cross, but prefer a "public option" - Shared by fierceflawless yes yes yes! Blue Cross has apparently been sending out postage-prepaid postcards to its members. The postcards are addressed to senators, and the preprinted text asks the senator to oppose the public option. One enterpri[...]
Google Blogoscoped - Go! vs Go - Francis McCabe writes: I have been working on a programming language, also called Go, for the last 10 years. There have been papers published on this and I have a book. I would appreciate it if google changed the name of this language; as I do not[...]
Google Operating System - Why It's a Bad Idea to Send Huge Files by Email - Gmail has increased the maximum attachment size to 25 MB in June, but some people want to send larger files. Daniel wrote a thoughtful comment that explains why it's a bad idea to send huge files by email: People who demand large message size limits[...]
Bad Astronomy - Want a planet? You might want to avoid lithium - A science joke: A woman is out walking and sees a kid on his hands and knees looking at the sidewalk. She asks the boy what he's doing, and he says, "Looking for a quarter I lost." She asks him where he lost it, and he points across the st[...]

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