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Twitter posts from 01 November to 07 November

From my Twitter stream:
sun 02:53am@dreamingcrow ?q
sun 02:53amStill just a bit drunk
sun 02:54amStaying up until i decide i'm sober enough to sleep.
sun 08:26amSo glad I don't get hangovers. 'cause dealing with that on top of this not-enough-sleep crap would /really/ suck.
sun 09:03am@beaq yes, like that. Poor!
mon 07:17amAuto wakeup at 9am is annoying. Autowake at 8am is bad. Autowake at 7am REALLY SUCKS. Staying in bed out of protest.
mon 12:11pmWindows 7 Review-In-Progress. 1) The packaging is nicer than Vista.
mon 12:12pm2) Still can't install 64-bit version on Mac Pro. Not gonna bother rebuilding the dvd to make it so I can.
mon 12:12pm3) Prettier than Vista. Or XP, even.
mon 12:13pm4) Mega-bonus points: It asks for the product number AFTER SUCCESSFUL INSTALL, not at the start. Good when install fails a lot.
mon 12:13pm5) Install only failed one. Popped the other drives out and it was better. We'll see if it still boots with they're back.
mon 12:38pm6) Installed boot camp drivers. Isn't booting correctly.
mon 12:41pm@maggim Huh. I just missed mine. My 5k was about not having to reenter the product number over and over again. ::(
mon 12:52pm7) Booting works without the DVD in the drive. ::/ Sounds are same as vista, which is several negative points.
mon 12:52pm8) Big points: It can read HFS+. I don't have to boot back to mac to get to the files I saved off the partition.
mon 12:54pm9) Eeexcept my home directory appears blank. And the files I need are in a folder on my desktop. Fail!
mon 12:58pm@darkmane I booted the computer. Also, I installed the boot camp addons from the snow leopard disk, that likely helped a lot.
mon 01:02pm@tedder42 They're the same as the vista sounds. At least the boot and login sounds are.
mon 07:40pm@dreamingcrow /everybody/ is there just to amuse me.. It's when I'm /not/ amused that things get dangerous.
mon 07:43pm@dreamingcrow You disagree?
mon 07:44pmWent to the dentist this afternoon for a cleaning. As a result, going in again thursday to have a crown re-done. Yay (tm).
mon 07:44pmAt least it'll be free. He decided it isn't right, so he's gonna re-do it at his expense. I love my dentist.
mon 07:47pmThe funny thing is that.. /he/'s the one it bothers. I noticed it was imperfect from the start, but it doesn't bother me. *shrug*
mon 07:47pmI totally understand perfectionism tho, so I'm certainly not going to argue with him.
mon 07:48pmLet that be a lesson to you kids: Never argue with the guy offering you a giant tank of nitrous. Er, I mean free dental care. *cough*
mon 07:49pm@dreamingcrow But you're an 'everybody'.
mon 07:56pm@dianthus you see my point. how're you feeling, btw?
mon 08:09pmReinstalling Win7 already. Tried to system restore to before I installed the ATI drivers. They are definitely what's breaking Fallout3.
mon 08:09pmSystem restore failed. "Reinstall!" didn't work. So, doing it the usual way.
mon 08:10pmIt's ... nice? that MS finally recognizes that reinstalling is a common, viable solution to problems with windows, and builds it is.
mon 08:24pm@tedder42 no.
mon 09:08pm@tedder42 I've seen it mentioned.
tue 09:17amOh, that is COMPLETELY awesome. Let me guess, the warranty on my 23" LCD /just/ ran out. It's got lines running vertically at 1" intervals.
tue 09:18amOnly where there's color, never where there's grey. Purple, red, yellow, repeat.
tue 09:19amWhew. Power cycling the monitor fixed it. Wonder WTF that was about.
tue 09:19am@FallenPegasus Yes, damnit!
tue 12:11pmThank you for existing,
tue 01:26pmIt's really quite annoying. Both and are unresponsive. I'm forced to read source code! ohs no.
tue 05:54pmMy copy of Fallout 3, plus the nice edition of the everything-guide for it, is now up for grabs if anybody wants it.
tue 05:55pm@tereshkova2001 now he just has to decide what that reason is?
tue 06:06pmTwitter and Dropbox are taunting me with their not-in-Seattle job openings.
tue 07:29pmOkay... It's not just fallout that fails. Supreme commander has the same problem. Main video card shuts down and computer locks up.
tue 07:29pmI ponder swapping my video cards.
tue 07:44pmLooks like I'll have to deprecate the x1900 to swap them. But it was filthy, maybe just overheating?
tue 07:58pmI suppose if I drove out to Fry's tonight they would not have a Radeon HD 3800...
tue 07:59pmAnybody wanna guess as to whether they could even identify a mac compatible videocard?
tue 08:08pmHeading to frys.
tue 08:38pmWell, at least they know they're useless. They've got no video card for mac.
tue 09:30pmIt didn't occur to me until after I got home to ask if they had any EFI-compatible video cards. Wanna bet they'd've said yes?
wed 10:36amLooking at election results... R71 winning by fewer votes than DIDN'T VOTE on 1033.
wed 12:40pm@maggim I'm guessing that's what I was just behind on 405. If so, yes, yum.
wed 12:43pm@GeekGirlsRule Yes?
thu 08:47am@daskeyboard Ouch. That's gotta hurt.
thu 09:36amGraphing voting groups in the US Senate, go watch:
thu 01:34pmAt dentist for a recrowning. This is not the proper path to god-emperor.
thu 03:10pm@mcmoots you are the funniest thing ever. (note: I have a nitrous tank attached to me face.) <3
thu 03:12pmI like the future: I can tweet from the dentists chair, under influence of nitrous.
thu 11:39pmSweet zombie Jesus! The rain just started POUNDING down.
thu 11:44pmAnd just like that it stops. And L slept thru it all.
thu 11:46pm$150 for a 23" from woot? Arc needs two more, and I've been buying $600 Dells... Can I afford $300 now?
thu 11:46pm@arjache only one big thunder. No lightning have I noticed.
thu 11:50pmDogs seem unperturbed. Did not wake their momma. I hope the power stays on.
thu 11:51pmDecided: If still available in morning, will buy.
thu 11:52pmOk, NOW I see lightning. Bright enough to be right outside the door, but at least two sound-seconds away.
thu 11:59pmWell, I need to read the specs first, I suppose. But not on the phone. Sleep for now. Worst seems to have passed for the moment.
fri 09:15amThe 20" I bought during wootoff arrived this morning. Sadly, the 23"'s specs are lacking, so no buy.
fri 05:40pmAnother reason I need a new job: they don't mail checks until the 5th. Joint account just overdrew on Amex autopayment.
fri 05:41pmThey mail the checks on the 5th, means I freqeuently don't HAVE it until the 9th or so due to weekends.
fri 05:58pm@westseattleblog was definitely sleet up here.
sat 01:17am@HollyQueen correct. Quite sucky even when paid on the first.
sat 01:22amExcellent game of BSG tonight. Planning another in a couple weeks, and then the mega 12-14 player adaptation.
sat 02:47pmIdea: memory wire spoons. Bend to the shape you need, flattens in the wash for storage.
sat 07:42pm@dianthus that's the tricky part. I need to see how hot it gets during the dry cycle.

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