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Twitter posts from 25 October to 31 October

From my Twitter stream:
sun 05:21pmSitting alone in the hotel restaurant, having lunch. Registration is over. Food, then homeward, unless something better comes up.
sun 05:29pmSorry I've been pretty much write-only since Wednesday. When I haven't been busy, I've been exhausted.
mon 01:58pmRT @dresdencodak: AR system that lets you see through walls:
mon 03:56pmCube laws are a pain in the ass. You can't really build a proper dirigible that'll fly indoors.
mon 03:56pmEven filling it with vacuum instead of H2 will only gain you 89 grams or so per kilolitre.
mon 08:56pmDisappointed in my inability to read: the Shuttle X27D doesn't have an external 3.5" bay. Was SO close to buying one.
mon 09:46pmJust saw an ad for The Box. My first question would be "Do I get $1M /every/ time I push the button? Can I rig up a button-pushing device?"
mon 10:40pmHail pounding Nerdvana right now.
tue 12:23pmSo, with all these usb monitors coming out, has anybody put out a vga to usb adapter?
tue 12:31pm@tedder42 Yeah. It's just hard to find very small vga lcd monitors.
tue 01:37pmI bought an 8gb flash drive for $20 yesterday. Overnight, woot had a 16gb for the same price. Stupid sleep.
tue 01:46pm@gfish I wonder if I could get them to build me a walking table. I really just want something that will go where it's pushed, then stand.
tue 11:14pm@tedder42 servers and portability. Want to be able to move it between machines and take it elsewhere.
tue 11:16pm@tedder42 I agree on the desk. Arcturus has two 23"s, a 17, and a 15. Eventually to be 4x23.
wed 09:38amVista install cd doesn't even see Seginus as a valid drive to recover. Fuck it, Wiping XP and Vista, reinstalling Vista on Nekkar.
wed 09:40amNo, better idea. Leave the XP partition alone, wipe and reinstall vista, and get win7 asap. XP doesn't boot either, but.
wed 09:43am"unable to find a system volume that meets criteria for installation", but no indication of what it doesn't like about it. Fucking windows.
wed 09:44am@tedder42 Except I don't have a copy right now, and I need a windows box, right now.
wed 10:10am@tedder42 I neither want to download it illegally nor pay retail price for it.
wed 10:46am@tedder42 I have a solution to the retail thing, but it isn't immediate. ::)
wed 03:28pmHoly crapmonkeys! I just found three cmbus adapters WITH cables at repc!
wed 04:37pmEnded up getting 3 cmbus adapters for $4 each, plus a netgear network hard drive for $10. Latter probly broken, but worth a shot.
wed 04:57pmStatus of the ND520: the cpu fan was banging around loose. Put it back on. Device turns on, lights blink, it does not grab an IP.
wed 04:57pm@tedder42 Console Management Bus. Video plus keyboard plus mouse in a tiny little connector for chaining servers together.
wed 04:58pm@tedder42 Adapters come up on ebay once in a while for $20-$100 each.
wed 04:58pm@tedder42 I've got a huge pile of servers that use it, but only three adapters. Well, 6 now.
wed 04:59pm@tedder42 Sorry, 'Cluster' management bus, I think it is.
wed 05:06pm@tedder42 Nobody uses it anymore, as far as I can tell, and it's impossible to find anywhere. Unless you hoard antiques, like me.
wed 05:11pmWhee, the network drive is booted!
wed 05:14pmAnd I can read and (sorta) write it. SMB only is a pita, tho, so I'll probably pull the drive and put a real linux on it.
thu 11:29amApparently the reason I couldn't install WinXP or WinV has to do with the MBR being screwed up. Probly why they wouldn't boot, too.
thu 11:33amPity I already reformatted the partitions several times trying to fix it. Reinstalling XP now. Yay.
thu 11:33amI've decided to only have one windows system on Arcturus from now on. Seginus will become something else. Maybe linux.
thu 11:34amI'm taking suggestions for OSes to put on Muprhid and Venabulum.
thu 11:52amAhem. 'Muphrid'. Spelling fail for me.
thu 11:53am@scottru *blink*
thu 11:55am@scottru First off, why are you using the name of a drink invented for /me/? Second, so, basically, it's a /username/. WTF.
thu 11:56am@scottru I'm amused that one of its suggestions for me is "Marty's Enduring Fame". I kid you not.
thu 01:26pmOk. Wasted my entire morning with Windows. XP will install just fine now, but won't boot. Vista, oddly, won't boot to finish install.
thu 01:27pmOddly, because previously vista has installed on this machine just fine, no headaches. Oh well.
thu 03:29pm@xopherg yeah, yeah, I know I didn't originate the phrase. But go to the Roosevelt Ale House and order one.
thu 04:51pmHuh. So, apparently liquor store #101 (sodo, 4th ave) is closed? Still shows up on the website, tho.
thu 04:53pm@perisaccadic I guess that makes nano the new beetle? I'll take mine in purple.
thu 10:17pm@palousa oh, cool. Thanks!
thu 10:19pmWe have reached the never-throwing-another-party time of party prep.
fri 09:40am
fri 09:44amThings I need to do today: party preparations, including dishes, hauling stuff upstairs, some shopping.
fri 09:45amThings I'd rather do today: Buy a few hard drives, install linux on them, set up new steamcon server and a network drive.
fri 12:02pm@scottru does that mean you're coming to mine tomorrow? Also, cleanig for them is NOT fun.
fri 01:52pmLinux installs work better without a corrupted iso.
fri 01:54pm@steamcon I'm still waiting to see the picture of me sitting at the reg desk next to Domo. ::)
fri 01:55pm@vixy I'd be SOOOOOO screwed.
fri 02:50pmThe Karmic installer isn't liking the packages file. I give up. Will try a different iso later.
fri 09:59pmI've successfully put together a preseed that will autoinstall ubuntu how I want it. Now I just have to install less stuff...
fri 10:02pm(I'm trying to get it to fit in 500mb. I don't expect to succeed.)
fri 10:07pm@dianthus your timing kinda sucks.
fri 10:08pmHoly crap, I think it might've worked!
fri 10:13pmEh, sorta worked. It boots, but the root disk is fullfullfull. Will do it again with a 2gb root part. sigh.
sat 10:04amOMW to Mill Creek to get the cake...
sat 01:10pmTempted to ask the Hutchinson supporters in the Junction if they got there by ferry.
sat 01:10pm@vixy wait and see
sat 01:16pm@gfish awesome
sat 05:26pm@Jenk3 ditto zombie flux. I still need to grab a copy of Martian.
sat 05:28pmFirst guests have arrived (from out of town). Am showered, not less than 2.5hr before party. Still need to do makeup tho.

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