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Twitter posts from 18 October to 24 October

From my Twitter stream:
sun 04:08am@julzerator ::(
sun 11:51amHeading to SouthCenter. Where's the best place to find a nice, hard case for my sunglasses?
sun 12:32pm@tereshkova2001 I believe it's spelled 'sqvirrel'.
sun 12:33pmJust dropped $117 on fabric for a room we aren't even decorating this year.
sun 12:34pmGranted, yesterday was $400+ for the room we /are/ decorating. So.
sun 01:17pmPity murder isn't a good way to get property deeds anymore. The sound view coming west on Holly is worth killing for.
sun 02:46pmOk. New outlets and light switch, as well as new covers, installed in the harem pit. They look very good. I hate doing electrical.
sun 02:47pmApart from draperies and curtains, and putting the pillows back, the harem pit remodel is complete. So, about 70%, really.
sun 05:00pmWhy are the bad guys always so lazy? "Screw him, he'll freeze to death."?? NO! If I want you dead, I'm not stopping until I have proof!
sun 05:01pmWhen I'm an evil mastermind, I will have a professional medical examiner on staff, and you aren't dead until he's finished the autopsy.
sun 05:09pmOr her, of course, tho I've got to admit I've got Waldo Butters in mind.
mon 09:00amRT @bradfitz: RT @blaine We are a hateful species:
mon 06:53pm@wsdot I'm not even looking at the poll, but I'll bet most people say they merge early, and they LIE.
tue 03:26pmHaving trouble with focus again. Very bad, since I have lots of work stuff to do AND the checkin system for steamcon.
tue 03:27pmIOW, I think I picked the wrong month to stop sniffing glue. (By which I mean, to start a diet.)
tue 08:58pmOk. I was MEHing at 2012. But I just saw an ad that changed my mind. I do love me some disaster porn, and if I can just ignore the plot...
wed 11:59pmI've spent the last several hours writing a perl script that reads a rails log file and generates a ruby script to correct the database.
thu 08:56amI find something vaguely amusing about being able to answer the phone "Still the wrong number, ma'am."
thu 09:00am@FallenPegasus Sweet Zombie Jesus, that is the WORST sign-up UI. Auto-complete interests with a limited set and it resets it as you type? H8
thu 09:50amFeeling very anxious. Probably has a lot to do with trying to figure out the insane data structures our app is using.
thu 09:50am@GeekGirlsRule Hm. Downside to not being their mom: nobody will come take them away if you start hitting them.
thu 10:35am.5 of 1.5 things to do for work today done.
thu 11:01am@GeekGirlsRule oh CRAP that's right, it's thursday. Shit, even LESS time to have my panic attacks!
thu 02:16pmRT @GeekGirlsRule: This is awesome:
thu 03:39pmThis is the point where I start swearing loudly, and also panicking.
thu 04:50pmData recovery complete. Now the last bit if new development before I collapse and die.
thu 04:50pm...And then have to drag myself to seatac first thing in the morning. Ugh.
fri 01:40amI think I'm done. I'm going to bed. Alarm will be going off in... 6 hours or so. Fuck.
fri 11:07amPutting out fires. Starting new ones. Lather, rinse, repeat.
fri 12:33pmHoly crapmonkeys, batman. Zoooooooooo!!
fri 07:06pmReg is closed. Pete's doing last minute checkins. Very very tired. Pondering next steps.
fri 07:44pmSpent all day standing. Left calf starts cramping as I walk to the car.
sat 07:59am@dianthus work? On a Saturday? Tsk.
sat 08:00amAwake. Must now get ready for more registation.
sat 11:20amNew registrations are cut off. Whee. #steamcon
sat 02:39pmTaking a break for lunch. I wonder what's happening with the unclaimed teaparty tickets...
sat 02:40pm@TNgirlinWA we expect to have a Very small number of sunday-only tomorrow.
sat 02:52pm@FallenPegasus wish I had the money to burn buying the entire Foglio table. Will have to settle for the website. Ah well. #steamcon
sat 04:12pm@gabrielcain I'm in ops. Say hi

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