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Items shared from Google Reader: Updates - Court Rules That Phones Ringing in Public Don't Infringe Copyright - As we reported in June, ASCAP believes that when your cell phone's musical ringtone sounds in a public place, you're infringing copyright. A federal court yesterday firmly rejected that argument, ruling that "when a ringtone plays on a cellular [...]
From themartian's contacts - spiky - smellsofbikes posted a photo: So here's the deal. My workplace is right beside a railroad. I was walking across the railroad to the japanese restaurant on the other side and picked up a discarded spike from the roadway. "Cool", I though[...] statements - Democratic National Committee: "Only 20 percent of Americans admit to being Republicans anymore." - The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Democrats claim only 20 percent of Americans call themselves Republicans In a recent round of partisan fighting, Democrats made a claim that piqued our curiosity: that only 20 percent of Americans identify the[...]
Seattlest - Around the Sound: The Week in News - "Orca Sighting" by jaycoxfilm , from our Flickr pool The Manager of the Matador in Ballard was stabbed by a patron Saturday night. A hazmat team was brought into the Hotel Andra on Sunday when a housekeeper accidentally knocked over a guest's [...]
Boing Boing - The Nerdy Dozens - I'm posting geek "yo momma" jokes to my Twitter feed, and people who think that sort of nonsense is amusing have been replying with even funnier ones that I'm retweeting in an infinite circle of endless insult lulz. Here are a few selections. Yo mom[...]
Boing Boing - Telcos and Hollywood ask Canadian govt for right to secretly install spyware, listen in on your network connection -- ACT NOW! - Michael Geist sez, C-27 is the Canadian anti-spam bill that comes out of committee on Monday. The opposition Liberals have proposed amendments which appear to have been drafted by copyright and telecom lobbyists. They would allow for surreptitious [...]
Schneier on Security - The Commercial Speech Arms Race - A few years ago, a company began to sell a liquid with identification codes suspended in it. The idea was that you would paint it on your stuff as proof of ownership. I commented that I would paint it on someone else's stuff, then call the police. I[...]
TYWKIWDBI - Columbus Day - Via

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