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Twitter posts from 11 October to 17 October

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:57amSG:U... writing is very bad at times. I hold out hope, but the characatures of people are annoying.
sun 12:49pmSNL: ... WTF? /This/ is what's supposed to be funny these days?
sun 10:53pm@libraryraven I think I have two left. Email me, can do it tomorrow.
sun 11:48pm@ladyaraia email or dm to remind me. Already in bed, sleep soon, won't remember.
mon 06:29pmVanth's clock seems to be having problems.
mon 06:29pmIt was reading as just before noon. I reset it, and it's ticking about 1 second per ten.
mon 06:57pmThe Confectionery finally has Jelly Babies in stock. And I don't like them as much as I'd hoped. ::(
tue 01:43pmTV sucks. Live tv really sucks. Live daytime tv really /really/ sucks. (Live meaning realtime, non-recorded, no commercial-skip)
tue 09:19pm@jfew you've got my vote.
wed 09:18am@dreamingcrow I've been in one for ten years and I can tell you that's not true! *cry*
wed 09:25amThis:
wed 09:27am@dreamingcrow Yes, I am.
wed 09:28am@HollyQueen Ok, that's fair.
wed 09:43am@hollyking I hardly leave the house these days. They're the only thing keeping me sane.
wed 09:44am@hollyking how're you liking the mytouch? I've been pondering one, but would probably have to add it as a second line.
wed 10:10am@tedder42 I declare it a Kansas thing to not want to.
wed 11:02amSo, I started a diet yesterday. Current goal is to drop a bit over a stone by new years.
wed 11:03amSo, if I bite your head off between now and then, it's just because I'm hungry.
wed 12:08pm
wed 12:39pm@dianthus Yeah. I don't think I'll manage to drop 5 stone (which would put me back to college), but 1 is a good start, and maybe 2 or 3?
wed 12:40pm(Yes, I'm having fun measuring things in stones.) (and yes, stones is the correct plural when describing the units.)
thu 09:09am@maggim I'm wearing my grey long-sleeve alfani, instead of the blue. Probably not the biggest hurdle for my morning.
thu 09:51am@maggim I can neither confirm nor deny in a public forum. But thank you. ::)
thu 11:22amAnother secret meeting went well.expecting longer followup secret meeting. Trying to be less hopeful than last time.
thu 11:25amI'm really liking my new shoes.
fri 09:52amNew spam subject: "Have invite to google?". Oy.
fri 11:37am
fri 11:41amI particularly like the bit around 2:00, talking about open-plan offices. Even /I/ didn't think the number was /that/ high.
fri 01:42pm@darkmane subject line for pharm spam mail.
fri 03:19pmI need to stop trying to translate the pretty things in my head to the real world. I suck at, in this case, accent painting.
fri 04:38pmiTunes is apparently assigning a disc's average rating implicitly to tracks, ruining rating-based playlists. How can I make it stop?
fri 04:41pmoh HO. Apparently some of the albums involved got rated. Problem with using other people's metadata.
fri 04:42pmI wonder if there's a good way to clear all album ratings.
fri 06:01pmSon of a whore! iTunes just ate nearly all of my playlists. They just went Poof when I deleted a single empty playlist.
fri 06:10pmNo files deleted, but it forgot about all iphone apps, all ipod games, 90% of my playlists, smart or otherwise...
fri 06:27pmCan't make smart playlists based on the podcasts playlist, because it doesn't recognize that it EXISTS. Fuck. FUCK FUCK FUCK.
fri 08:19pmOk. I have managed to recreate all the important playlists, including several dozen under the 'books' group. Left out stuff I don't use.
fri 08:20pmAnd now, to make sure that directory gets backed up daily from now on (I'd moved the library to another drive, and hasn't set it to backup)
fri 08:20pmNot that a backup would have helped /that/ much. There were enough unrecoverable metadata changes that I had to fix it in place.
sat 01:31amJust discovered that my iPhone deleted my diet apps during the sync. Thank you iTunes.. Three days of data to reconstruct to tomorrow. Grr.
sat 02:20pmData recovered andor rememered. Sunroom painting finished, curtain rods obtained. Soon, tmobile and fabric stores.
sat 03:09pmFlipped off anti-71 guy at SouthCenter. How dare he smile and wave in response!
sat 06:31pm@westseattleblog most seattlites think so.
sat 09:29pmSG:U... Still hoping, waiting. Also: The ship is smarter than any of them. Sundive = free power.

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