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This is starting to get silly!

Teams that have expressed interest in me:

* Personalized Marketing (PM), part of personalization. They own new-for-you, your recommendations, etc. Pro: Andrej seems like a reasonable fellow and seems to agree with me on a few crucial points regarding the meaning of webdev, jfew (ex-ex-ex-boss) and goldberg are on the team. Con: Dunno yet.

* Customer Self Service (CSS), part of COSS. They own self-service tools and are working to reduce the need for customers to contact CS when they have a problem. Pro: Seems like a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, lsandon (ex-boss) is on the team. Con: Relaxed atmosphere may be illusion, offices in US2 (worse parking/commute than pacmed).

* Help Desk (HD). Need an SDE for automation tools, maintaining intranet site. Pro: Automation tools can be fun, intranets are easy. Con: Automation tools can get boring, intranets can get boring, help desk is.. help desk, likely stalls career growth (pulls completely off the webdev-principal track)

* Web Services (WS). They're thinking they need another webdev, need to talk to them more to find out details. Pro: jignap is on the team, there's a lot of stuff to do (some of which I care about), lesser site-dev constraints. Con: Dunno yet.

* Reputation (R8N). Ekraemer (ex-ex-boss) would really like me to come over there and help with that stuff. Pro: ekraemer is on the team, Brian is supposedly really good about keeping Michael at bay, one of their projects is pretty cool. Con: The pretty cool project might get boring quick, reports that Brian isn't as good at holding off Michael as supposed, and (probably disqualifying) still under Michael.

I've got two meetings in the next week with people from CSS. I've just emailed the guy from WS to send him my internal resume and let him know I'd be interested in talking. I promised Brian we'd talk about R8N but haven't yet. The HD guy said he'd write up a job description (the job was just created apparently) and get it to me by the end of the week. An interview loop will be set up with PM as soon as Andrej is back (next week).
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