Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I started a diet yesterday. Again.
In college I was maintaining a pretty constant 200lbs. After I moved to Seattle, my eating habits and diet changed (shocking!) and my weight went up.
Then I got sick, and it went down, but I couldn't really enjoy it. Then I got better and it went back up. It's been fairly constant hovering in the mid-260s since then. 200 was a good weight for me. 260 is less so. When I think about it, I'm not happy. So, occasionally I get a little depressed and decide to try to fix it. This has, thus far, not worked well. It's a pain in the ass, and, damnit, I like food.

But, I'm trying again. Following the Hacker Diet, because it's simple and I like it. Weigh yourself daily, but only pay attention to the moving average. Eat whatever you want, but calculate the calories and limit yourself based on where you want to go.

I found a blogger who was following the same diet and recommended a couple of iphone apps that help, so I grabbed those: Lose It! and True Weight. The former is good for the calorie counting part, has a nice big database of foods, and lets you construct 'recipies' and re-use previous meals, which is good considering my eating habits. The later lets you enter weight more accurately (one decimal place, instead of integers) and does nicer graphs, so I paid for the full version. Lose It! lets you enter current and goal weight, and how fast you want to lose (or gain, I suppose), and it will give you the calorie budget and estimate when you'll hit the goal.

266.8 yesterday, just a touch over 19 stone. Forgot to weigh today, while getting ready for a [REDACTED].

Set a goal of 250. At 1.5lbs/wk, I should hit that around 2 January. So far, with two and a half days of intake data, I'm /under/ budget, which is surprising. But, that leaves room for a margin of error on calorie counts and the occasional cinnamon square.

Also, I benefit from the fact that I don't usually mind eating the same thing day after day.
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