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Boing Boing - Here Is Where: A Bevy of Alternate-History Plot Bunnies - On a winter night in 1931, 57-year-old Winston Churchill stepped off the curb of 5th Avenue & 76th St. in New York City and was hit by a car. SPOILER: He survived. But I think 1000 writers could probably do a lot with what could have happened if[...]
Boing Boing - Judge orders woman to keep her SubGenius books under lock and key - Here's an update to story I've been following since 2006 about a woman who was denied custody of her 10-year-old son after a judge saw photos of her participating in a SubGenius holiday (an adult-rated parody of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ[...]
Boing Boing - Pacific ocean "Dead Zone" may be forever - An oxygen-depleted "dead zone" the size of New Jersey (well, figures!) is starving sea life near the coast of Oregon and Washington. The phenomenon will probably recur annually, and is caused by climate change, according to Jack Barth, an oceanograp[...]
The UberReview - Dyson Air Multiplier Offers Less Performance Than a Regular Fan at Ten Times The Cost - Shared by Marty On the other hand, if you have money to throw away, they do look pretty awesome. If there is one thing that the Dyson company is good at, it is testing the boundaries of what people are prepared to pay for cool versions of common h[...]

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