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Twitter posts from 04 October to 10 October

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:46am@palousa It does. I'm hopeful for the series, but so many characters were being jackasses. Rush, at least, started to turn ok in the end.
sun 12:35pmIf the photo shows a burned doll, and the factory isn't full of burned dolls, EXPECT A FIRE. Idiots!
sun 01:04pm@kaligrrrl Delegation is important.
mon 11:53am@hollyking $
mon 11:53am@hollyking (pronounced 'corporate douchbaggery')
mon 11:54am@kerrizor I swear, these people seem too dumb to be allowed precognition.
mon 08:31pm@gabrielcain oh, good. I'd been meaning to ask if that'd worked out.
mon 08:53pmWondering if Sleestaks in the Library (Robot Chicken) would make a good ringtone.
mon 10:01pmNeed a copywriter. My adwords campaign is getting 0.75% ctr.
tue 01:22pm@spunquee you LIKE mildewed chex mix?
tue 03:52pm@dreamingcrow a what?
tue 03:53pm@firesign3000 yes
tue 04:01pm@dreamingcrow is what?
tue 04:30pm@dreamingcrow eh, I'll take one if nobody else needs it. What the heck.
tue 09:30pm@drakemonger perl. Learn that and she's in a good position to learn c or anything else.
tue 09:31pm@dreamingcrow MUCK. Pff. (MOO snob response)
wed 05:34pm@JosieNutter New photo is worryingly sedate. Conservative, even. I'm disturbed.
wed 07:15pmTrying to stream video via #qik -
wed 07:19pmPlaying a youtube cat video posted to lj by jwz, sancho was Very Interested. See previous #qik post.
wed 07:34pm@JosieNutter In that case I'll politely avoid the obvious responses. ;;)
thu 12:37pm@Jenk3 eh?
thu 01:01pm@beaq poor!
thu 01:16pm@Jenk3 weird
thu 04:42pmMeh. Interest is useless unless you have lots of time or LOTS of principal. Especially at this year's rates.
thu 06:28pmWebapp Latitude finds me instantly. Native app Brightkite can't find me after five minutes of trying. Oy.
thu 06:38pmOtherwise-perfect job prospects that require relocation make me sad. Even otherwise-possibly-quite-acceptable ones.
thu 06:44pmAnalytics app never works after using Ego. I wonder if it's a too-many-logins thing.
thu 06:45pmCan you tell I'm waiting impatiently for food to arrive, trying to amuse myself with my phone, and failing?
thu 06:57pm@spunquee only for the next 3 years or so.
fri 09:48am@firesign3000 we're ready.
fri 07:54pmUnexpectedly at nordstroms for shoe shopping. Nothing decent for me. Ugg well represented tho.
fri 09:07pm"I appear to have some sort of built-in douche-dar."
fri 09:38pmWith L's help, ended up finding several pairs of shoes worth trying, two worth buying.
sat 04:54pmJust used @yowza for the first time. Needs more stores useful to me tho...
sat 05:00pmYes, I'm at belsquare on a Saturday. Gods help me.
sat 05:10pm@hollyking *cries*, *invents less sucky gods*
sat 05:39pmTempting.
sat 05:51pmCute girl tries to sell me tea. Very sad, in more than one way.

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