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Lifehacker - Steam Scrambled Eggs with an Espresso Machine [Food Hacks] - If your morning scrambled eggs are coming up short and you happen to have an espresso machine handy, the next time you decide to cook up a batch, steam scramble your eggs for a delightfully creamy concoction. Photo by avlxyz. Food weblog Food Mayhem [...] Updates - It's Still A Duck: Court Re-Affirms That First Sale Doctrine Can Apply to "Licensed" Software - Building on a prior ruling, a federal court has re-affirmed that a Seattle man was not infringing copyright law by re-selling software he obtained from an Autodesk customer. The ruling is bound to frustrate the copyright industries, which have strug[...] Updates - Man Arrested for Twittering Goes to Court, EFF Has the Documents - Over the past day, Everyone has been reporting about the arrest last month of Elliot Madison for twittering about police movements to protesters during the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA. The reason this is being reported on now is because on last Th[...]

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