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Twitter posts from 27 September to 03 October

From my Twitter stream:
sun 08:38am@firesign3000 Damnit.
sun 02:17pmiTunes 'remember password for purchases' checkbox hasn't worked since the upgrade to 9. Very annoying.
sun 02:55pmNerdvana Harem Pit painting progress: windows taped. Lunch being eaten. Next: tape floors, apply primer.
sun 05:54pmHarem pit walls are primed. Ceiling will be tomorrow, probably. Painting this week or next weekend. Very tired now. Feet hurt.
mon 04:33pmResults of secret meeting = ::( sad now. Need icecream and maybe a puppy.
mon 10:12pm@JosieNutter what have you /been/ wearing? Should I be sad I've missed it?
tue 05:26pmIf you use @Dropbox and have an iPhone and didn't know (0 matches), the Dropbox iPhone app is out now.
tue 06:56pm3.1 is murder on my battery life. And my energizer charger is not working consistently. Upgrade fail.
tue 06:59pmCharging. Not charging. Charging. Not charging. Sigh.
tue 07:21pm@firesign3000 I've got background stuff that's always made it bad, but now it's REALLY bad.
wed 11:35pmRT @maggim: You know what I can't live without? AmazonFresh. Plz, please start using them so they continue to exist and make my life easier.
thu 01:50pmI'm having a lot of trouble with Thursdays lately.
thu 04:02pm@vixy I'm suddenly hungry again.
thu 04:03pmI seem to have gotten into Wave. And now I have 8 invites. Make me an offer. ;;)
thu 04:45pmwatching the big long wave demo video, he uses it on the iphone. I load it up, unsupported browser. tsk!
thu 04:47pmI have to say, I'm disappointed with nearly all of the offers so far. ;;)
thu 05:31pmTesting Wave Tweety thingy...
thu 05:33pmOk, it's nuts. I can use Wave to post to Twitter which posts to Facebook. I should have Facebook post to myspace and myspace post to liv ...
thu 05:51pm@dianthus I could, but I rarely post there, and only stuff too long or irrelevant for twitter.
thu 06:41pmPower cycling should never be an appropriate tech support suggestion, least of all the first. Consumer electronics fail, all around.
thu 09:06pmI appear to have lost my comcast AND speakeasy connections at the same time.
thu 09:24pmNope. Looks like I lost the Summit48 that the majority of my network was routed through. AWESOME. Fortunately, I had a spare switch.
thu 11:04pm@vixy maintenance? Should be over, but...
fri 03:43pm@CupcakeGoth IAWTC, except for the twinkie.
fri 04:09pmOk, those who requested wave invites. Only ONE indecent offer, and that only /implied/. But, DM me your email addresses, 'cause I'm lazy.
fri 09:04pmWatching SG:U. So far, most of these characters need to be shot, for one reason or another.
sat 09:35am@djwudi fb iphone app says my news feed has no posts. Probly related.
sat 05:57pmAnybody know what's up with the four military choppers just flew east over west Seattle? Included a chinook with the back open...
sat 06:05pm@westseattleblog how obnoxious.
sat 11:09pmWhen I am god-emperor, watching the Daily Show will be mandatory to retain voting rights.
sat 11:52pm@libraryraven too late. I do that several times a week.

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