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The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - If 30% is good enough for Apple in the App Store, it should be good enough for dropped calls on AT&T, right? - Filed under: iPhoneFile this one under AYFKMWTS (are you freaking kidding me with this stuff?): a Gizmodo reader, aggravated with an unacceptably high rate of dropped calls on his iPhone, took it to a New York City Apple Store to have it checked for [...]
Hack a Day - Multi-camera rig makes trees say cheese - [Nick Nichols] set out to take a photograph of a full redwood tree. Here's the catch, these redwoods are over 300 feet tall and they're not just standing in the middle of a vast desert. If the photo is taken from a distance, you will only capture the[...]
amanda fucking palmer - why i am not afraid to take your money, by amanda fucking palmer - aie! i had two conversations within the last 24 hours which made me feel like blogging about this. one was with jason webley, who i've been living with for the past week in the Middle of Nowhere. i was writing a press release and in it disclosed h[...]
Lifehacker - Hammer Hinge Pins to Keep Open Doors from Closing [Household] - A door that refuses to stay open is a truly frustrating bit of household disobedience. Snap that door into shape with a pin bend, and learn a few other door fixes while you're at it. As fall turns into winter weather for much of the U.S., now's as go[...]
Schneier on Security - The Problem of Vague Laws - The average American commits three felonies a day: the title of a new book by Harvey Silverglate. More specifically, the problem is the intersection of vague laws and fast-moving technology: Technology moves so quickly we can barely keep up, and ou[...]

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