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Schneier on Security - Unauthentication - In computer security, a lot of effort is spent on the authentication problem. Whether it's passwords, secure tokens, secret questions, image mnemonics, or something else, engineers are continually coming up with more complicated--and hopefully more [...] Updates - You Bought It, You Own It: MDY v. Blizzard Appealed - When you buy World of Warcraft (WoW) in a retail box, do you own the copy of the software you bought? That's the critical legal question facing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a pending appeal in MDY v. Blizzard, and the question that Public Kn[...]
Lifehacker - Force Snow Leopard to Report Hard Drive Capacity in Base 2 [Disk Space] - A lot of people were upset when they found out Snow Leopard was reporting hard drive capacity "correctly" in base 10; if you were one of them, here's how you can fix it. In a nutshell, the base-2 numbering system--a.k.a. binary numeral system--is how[...]
russell davies - understanding design - Just a little thing, but for all you people who were wondering about the difference between Arial and Helvetica  here's a handy diagram that shows how there's absolutely no difference whatsoever.
Coolbuzz - Blood powered lamp - Dracula's flashlight formula - Designer: Mike Thompson How about a blood powered lamp? We've across lamps that use electricity, solar power, but one that needs your blood to ignite is unheard of. So as to ignite this bloodthirsty lamp, you first have break the glass, dissolve th[...]

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