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Twitter posts from 21 September to 26 September

From my Twitter stream:
mon 05:11pmHad mtg I am not prepared to disucuss outside of friendlock. Went well. Followup later this week.
mon 06:16pmAnybody know of a standardized way (maybe an existing plugin) to do acts_as_tree where an item can have multiple parents?
mon 06:17pmKind of mixing acts_as_tree with has_and_belongs_to_many...
mon 08:59pmWatching the Eureka finale. OMFG, who wrote this? Kill them, hard.
mon 09:02pmThis is the WORST-written episode /EVER/, and it keeps getting worse!
mon 09:19pmOk. The ending was good. But it hardly redeems the rest of the episode.
mon 11:03pm@tommusic wth?
tue 05:59pmWe have been to The Swinery. And it was good. Got some bacondogs and other things.
tue 06:08pmJust got robbed by radio shack. $6 for a 1' headphone cable.
tue 06:52pmOk, FTR, the Swinery's bacondogs are quite awesome with a little mustard, a little salt. ZOMG.
thu 08:40am20min for bfast, then 9am bus to be in pioneer square by 10. ::P the 930 arrives /at/ 10.
thu 09:24am*wibble*
thu 02:29pmSecret meeting over. Optimism high. Nausea higher.
thu 04:14pmI need to learn to research better. Bought an AppleTV for the bedroom, installed Boxee, am disappointed at lack of netflix and sucky hulu.
thu 05:19pm@firesign3000 $150 vs $900ish? I figure it was worth a shot.
thu 05:23pmAh. $700ish.
thu 07:59pmMy itunes shows various zombie podcast entries in the index when accessed remotely. They don't appear locally, and thus can't be cleared.
fri 10:29amHm. 15 megaseconds would be just short of six months.
fri 10:29am@mcmoots Seems low.
fri 02:04pmI honestly don't mind the ads on Hulu, in theory. There are fewer than normal TV. But, you know, the same ad over and over and over?
fri 02:06pmIn short, I really hate Trojan's entire brand now. And before that, really wanted the Chevy Volt to fail horribly.
fri 08:15pm@spunquee I'd be happy to house any laserdiscs that don't sell. I only have one shelf-full. ::)
fri 08:19pmGirl game has taken over the living room. I'm'a hide in the bedroom. Wishing appletv did playlists and tv shuffle.
sat 03:23pmWhoever thought it was a good idea to make 4th sb at i90 a single lane should be hung, drawn, and quartered.
sat 06:20pmDownside to living in Seattle... Any otherwise good purple clothes say Huskies on them. ::P

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