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Nerd Approved - Gadgets and Gizmos - Blood Energy Potion For A Quick Refill - Nothing will pick your energy level up like an IV bag full of blood. While this blood potion has the look and consistency of blood, it is full of iron, proteins and electrolytes to give you an energy boost for up to 4 hours. Satisfy the vampire in yo[...]
WWdN: In Exile - "Don't trust anyone you meet online. You could regret it." - (from Cory Doctorow by way of John Rogers on Twitter)
Boing Boing - Library in necklace form - Etsy seller TheBlackSpotBooks sells a library in necklace form -- a collection of 11 miniature blank-books bound in scrap and antique leather. I love the idea, though I'd love it more if the books had tiny little printing, the text of great public do[...]
Boing Boing - Iron Melies Moon fence yields teachable moment - Jeff sez, An iron fence on W. 21st St. in New York depicts the classic image of a rocket crashing into the Man in the Moon from Melies' 1902 pioneering science fiction film, Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon). The fence is across from the [...]

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