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Twitter posts from 13 September to 19 September

From my Twitter stream:
sun 09:08am@tereshkova2001 why do I only ever see posts like that the next day?
sun 09:11am@tedder42 we have a Bose wave radio in the bedroom. I installed a shelf to put it on so it wasn't on the dresser.
sun 10:51am@tereshkova2001 clearly. But I was... occupied.
sun 04:33pmI've been trying to leave this parking lot for 24 minutes. Been sitting in the car waiting for the line to clear so I could back out.
sun 04:34pmFor some reason it's taking almost a minute for each car to exit. Thru an automated pay station. WTF is wrog with people?
sun 04:39pmI've seen more Absolute Stupid in the last two minutes than I normally get in a day.
sun 04:42pm@HollyQueen airport Marriott
sun 04:42pmOh, apparently pay station is NOT automated. Is being run manually. Good gods.
sun 04:44pmGoing faster. Maybe that's why
sun 06:33pmDo YOU have an emergency plan for dealing with a genetically-modified super-intelligent ferret infestation?
sun 06:42pmNearly had an aneurysm from the cute: I blame @jwz.
mon 10:27amSo, I admit I've been playing Monopoly City Streets. I've got a nice castle where my house is. Can't buy childhood streets, or mom's, tho.
mon 10:32amHey, lookit that! I own 4th Ave! And it's worth less than Othello. Tsk.
mon 10:37amPity the game is unusably broken at the moment. Ah well.
mon 12:24pmBoy am I glad I've got a T1 line. The comcast line has gone flaky. I keep losing the pipe.
mon 12:24pmBouncing it fixes it for a bit, but since I'm in the middle of a network-intensive process, I can't deal with that right now.
mon 12:50pmOh joy. Snow Leopard won't install off the HD-DVD drive, and Altair won't boot off the lightscribe drive. Install is half done. ::P
mon 01:46pm@ComcastMark It seems to've stabilized. If it recurs, I'll let you know. It just happened at an extremely inconvenient time.
mon 06:34pmNo, sorry, I'm not going to pay you $40 because somebody hacked a server I host and torrented your porn movie. FOAD.
mon 06:48pm@hollyking "DP Me Baby 4 XXX [DVDRIP][All Sex]". *shrug*
mon 07:41pmo/~ From out here, it's the rest of the world that looks so small o/~
mon 09:08pmAlright. Altair and Arcturus have been upgraded to Snow Leopard. Hardly anything broke!
tue 09:39pmJust got tethering working between Altair and MT&T. Painless under snow leopard, was unsuccessfully painful under regular leopard.
thu 12:48amGreat. request.session_options[:id] returns nil until you've requested or set some data in session[]. AWESOME.
thu 12:49amWill need to look for an existing bug or file a new one tomorrow. Have put a workaround in place, meanwhile.
thu 04:07pm@TMobile_USA In what way, exactly, does t-mo need our support? $90/mo isn't enough support already?
fri 01:06amMCS seems to have fewer streets since reboot. Also, all of downtown's already been bought again. Bored now.
fri 09:36am@reallifecomics Yes, exactly. (re:MCS)
fri 09:48amIt appears I have a $100 coupon for AdWords. I should figure out some use for that before it expires.
fri 12:32pmIs swine flu contagious over Internet? 'cause I think y'all got me sick.
fri 12:33pmFeeling tired and achey since i got up. Now at the standing-up-is-a-challenge phase. Back to bed for a while.
fri 03:27pm@wiml I think you have a typo. My new tail and venom glands agree.
fri 06:20pmSofa was supposed to be delivered between 1 and 4. It's 620, still waiting. Most of day spent in bed. Feeling slightly better.
fri 08:23pm@tommusic ::(
fri 08:24pmI just discovered, the hard way, that the frosted effect of the bedroom light fixture is paint that washes off easily. ::P
fri 09:53pmI neglected to mention.. Sofa arrived a bit after 7. It's purple and comfy.
fri 11:00pm@libraryraven damn those transponders, corrupting the children.
sat 09:46amAwake but still in bed. Trying to decide if I'm feeling well enough to go shopping. Signs are positive so far. How are you today?
sat 12:40pmWow. Repc has three full height racks of sgi drive arrays, full of 73g 10ks for $250 per rack. Tempting.

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