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MAKE Magazine - The impossible rose - To produce a naturally blue rose has been a dream of horticulturalists for almost as long as people have been breeding flowers. It turns out to be essentially impossible to do by traditional plant husbandry, and attempts have proved futile for so lon[...]
Coolbuzz - Planck - A guitar that is not a guitar - The Planck by Steven Sexton is a 6-foot-long (horizontal) guitar, but is not a guitar. You might be wondering that I have it all wrong, but that's not so. In simple words, it's more like a piano with strings instead of keys. This seven-stringed instr[...]
Coolbuzz - Hot-T Wand - On the go tea, anywhere, anytime - Some products are exceedingly simple to comprehend. Such is the case with the "Hot-T Wand" by Minimal Inc. This portable gadget heats up the desired amount of water in your cup for a quick, on the go tea, anywhere, anytime. When you're done, just pul[...]
Lifehacker - Morning Types Crash Faster Than Night Owls, Study Says [Sleep] - The early bird may get the worm, but there's something to be said about burning the midnight oil. In fact, according to a new study, staying up later and longer may increase alertness and productivity more than being an early riser. Photo by myyorgda[...]
Schneier on Security - Robert Sawyer's Alibis - Back in 2002, science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer wrote an essay about the trade-off between privacy and security, and came out in favor of less privacy. I disagree with most of what he said, and have written pretty much the opposite essay -- an[...]
Boing Boing - Celebrated Darwin biopic can't find a distributor in the US, producer blames creationists - The Oscar-winning producer of a celebrated biopic about Charles Darwin says that the reason his movie -- which is being shown all around the world -- can't find a US distributor is that evolution is still too controversial in the USA. US distributor[...]
MAKE Magazine - Rolling Zoltar costume based on a Segway - Jonathan Gleich submitted this hilarious/awesome (hilariawesome?) rolling "Zoltar" fortune teller costume to our 2009 Make: Halloween Contest. Zoltar took first place in the "Motorized Float" division at the 2009 Coney Island Mermaid parade. See mo[...]
Boing Boing - If literary classics had been titled today - I love Your Monkey Called's list of book titles if they had been published today. Got any of your own? Add 'em to the comments. Best entry gets an invisible, entirely notional rosette and a free* Gideon Bible. Then: The Wealth of Nations Now: Invi[...]
Boing Boing - Ghost fleet of container ships off Singapore - Tony sez, "These haunting images of the gigantic 'ghost fleet' of ships parked off the coast of Singapore are one more gripping visualization of the economic state of affairs the world over." Here, on a sleepy stretch of shoreline at the far end of [...]
Google Blogoscoped - Trying to Improve YouTube's Favicon by Applying Subpixel Techniques - Miha at tried improving the readability of the YouTube favicon - that 16x16 thing sitting in places like the browser address bar - by going into subpixel improvements. The results are shown above (original to the left, new version to th[...]

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