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Twitter posts from 24 August to 12 September

From my Twitter stream:
mon 10:26amGave up trying to sleep at 3am, played GTA:Mars for an hour or so, went back to bed. Got a little sleep. Not much. Sad now.
mon 11:21amAnd if anybody was wondering, yes, Red Faction: Guerrilla IS Grand Theft Auto: Mars. but I do enjoy it. 'cept the plans in Oasis bug me.
mon 11:22am(Turns out I'm a Red sometimes. Weird, huh?)
mon 11:27am@caladri lucky you.
mon 03:32pmI'm sitting in my Aeron in my office at home, wearing a bag with two netbooks in it around my neck just to get used to it. This isn't odd.
mon 03:33pm@vixy I'm reading reverse-chrono, and as soon as I saw what you were referring to, I thought it meant that too.
mon 03:35pm@mcmoots 'Comatose' and 'Quick'. Doesn't have quite the same ring as the Quick and the Dead, but...
mon 08:06pm@gabrielcain yes. And because I was acustoming myself to the new bag.
wed 08:53amWindow installation in progress. They're sawing thru the wall. Very loud.
wed 10:34amAwesome. Reinstalled Nekkar from scratch, installed ATI drivers... and it won't boot. Fuck you, ATI.
wed 10:37am@TMobile_USA Bug: Main page says "Messages: 41/unlimited", when I only have 300. "See Details' shows correct maximum.
wed 10:38am@darkmane No, I'm doing that myself up in my office.
wed 10:42amReinstalling Nekkar YET AGAIN. Will try to find older ATI drivers, maybe.
wed 10:49amApparently I joined an Alton Brown fanclub at some point. Just got a signed poster for the new book.
wed 01:02pmGods DAMN it. Ok, yeah. The ATI drivers for the 2600 are what screw everything up. The 1900 is fine.
wed 07:30pm@JosieNutter yay! Lemme know how you like them.
wed 07:55pm"Hippos are not for eating! Hippos are not ponies!"
wed 11:56pmWell, XP is screwed up again, but I got 64-bit Vista working.
thu 11:39am@JosieNutter I tend to wear mine with socks just because it makes getting them on and off a little easier, but find they're fine without.
thu 11:42am@JosieNutter Weird. Performa don't even show up on the website. Moc's either. Look kinda nice, might have to get some.
thu 12:29pmDownside to being a scifi fan: Actors are very rarely as cool as their characters. Sad.
thu 12:30pm@JosieNutter So I suppose I'll have to decide if I want some Mocs or some Classics. Definitely need something cooler than the Flows.
thu 12:39pm@plutokiller Pretty cool.\
thu 12:39pmRT @plutokiller: [...] There is FOG. On TITAN. Which means POOLS OF EVAPORATING METHANE. How cool is that?
thu 12:39pm@drakemonger Also pretty cool.
thu 12:40pmApropos of nothing whatsoever: I need a copy of the Invader Zim theme as performed by a major symphony orchestra.
thu 04:59pmWTF's up with WASP-18B?
thu 06:44pmSon of a whore. The electronic edition of the Book of Marty appears to be lost in my chair. The chair risks becoming kindling soon.
thu 07:45pm@icebluenothing an excellent example to the contrary.
fri 12:04pmWorst kind of bugs? The kind that disappear when you open the debugging console.
fri 03:40pmAnybody know enough about autofs on OSX to help me get a drive to auto-mount owned by a user instead of root?
fri 08:43pmFuck I just redeemed two gift codes for free books and they CHARGED me for both. Nearly $60.
sat 08:59amMt Rainier plans scrapped. Heading to the Peninsula, maybe Hurricane Ridge. Ferry vid at maybe more later.
sat 02:48pmNo signal at Hurricane Ridge so no qik streaming. Will have to post pics as vid later. Just had lunch in Port Angeles.
sat 02:50pm@dreamingcrow s'why we skipped Rainier. Was lookig to cloudy there but sunny at the Ridge. It was, too.
sat 05:53pmPassing thru Forks. Getting Twilight poisoning. Kill!
sun 12:00pm@westseattleblog nasty accident 35th and Avalon
mon 12:20pm@bettertwtr Any chance line 745 could change from = to +=? maybe with a BR tag?
mon 12:34pm@bradfitz *blink*
mon 03:17pmHope is one of the deadliest poisons in the world.
mon 09:17pm@bettertwtr because I don't want to /lose/ info in gaining the map? I already had a script that rev-geocoded and linked it.
tue 06:17pm@bettertwtr Eeeeeexcellent. Much thanks.
tue 08:16pmDesign your spaceship to a) spin or b) not spin. Do NOT design your ship to c) part spin and part not spin.
tue 09:25pmDefying Gravity is good enough to amuse me. Particularly when they keep tossing in little bits of a dark unhappy future.
tue 09:26pm@sistawendy It's not even that. It's just that if something goes wrong and the spin stops, things go stupidly wrong.
tue 10:10pm@tommusic whew.
wed 09:59amQOOC: "Here, let me try it with the Howitzer. It's even funnier."
wed 09:59am@tereshkova2001 I think he already has one of mine. Or was that somebody else?
wed 11:51amI wish gVoice would let me block an entire exchange at once. There are fax spammers at 732-389-xxxx, and I want them to die.
thu 11:13amHey, awesome. Seginus (Arcturus's Vista install) has rotted away in the, what, less than a week since I last booted into it? It won't boot.
thu 11:32amThere are a bunch of people in this world that need a bag of 3/4" steel ball-bearings delivered to their face at high speed.
thu 01:27pmNo, no, no. If the artifact doesn't make the pretty lights when you drop it in the purple goo? Then it wasn't an artifact. DUMB!
thu 01:28pm@jfew But... I like my car /intact/.
thu 06:42pmHuh. I wonder if Dr P just got back from his annual teaching trip to Israel. My 2-month expired scrips just got refilled.
thu 08:33pm@tommusic fascinating
fri 01:55pmI'm considering abandoning iPhoto entirely, moving everything to Flickr, and just managing it all there. Maybe pull backups, but.
sat 12:52pmAnybody want a left-handed wired Frogpad?
sat 04:27pmI appear to be living a bit past the edge of burnout. I can't focus on coding for more than about three lines at a time.
sat 07:08pmSnow Leopard F'd up my iphone picture sync. ImageCapture no longer autosyncs, and AutoImport SUUUUUUUUUUCKS.
sun 12:48pm@dianthus I don't believe you.
sun 01:59pm@westseattleblog why are the log people wearing diapers?
sun 02:25pmAt Skylark for lunch, before CostCo. Email from the Cheerleader has me on edge, cranky.
mon 11:51amMaybe I should pay somebody to /drag/ me to the courthouse to get my name change done. I keep putting it off out of laziness.
mon 12:27pmBeen playing with BusyCal on Arcturus, and was just about to buy it. Until I saw you need a separate license per machine. I've got four!
mon 12:27pma) I object to per-machine licenses and b) $128?! Hells no.
mon 03:41pm99N at safeco is parked. Literally, we sat in one spot for two minutes. Creeping forward about 20'/min most of the time. Beware.
tue 12:22pmIf you do not read @dresdencodak (the comic, not the twitter) regularly, go read the latest.
wed 07:31pmI avoid the news like the plague, but it seeps into Twitter.
wed 07:32pmLet me just say how pleased I am not to be alive during this phase of American 'democracy'. My disgust knows few bounds. IIHMW, RFED.
thu 09:19am@mcmoots yes, unless e can prudoce a whitepaper showing the train is higher impact, per person-trip, over its service lifetime.
thu 06:24pmWeave on my laptop pegs firefox at 100% cpu. Weave on my desktop won't respond to the 'sign in' button. I miss Google's sync so much.
fri 08:09am@tedder42 No.
fri 08:25amWoke up 80min ago. Still not out of bed. Motivation zero, perhaps negative.
fri 08:41amAm up. Today is a day when I need my drive-thru waffle house. Or at least drive-thru bacon.
fri 10:51amDamnit damnit damnit. I've got my procmail logs going back to october of 2001. I just lost 13 months of them (Jul 08-Aug 09) by accident.
fri 10:54amAnd, for stupid reasons, these logs are excluded from my backups.
fri 04:49pmFinally watching the Prez's HC speech. Once he got past the requisite BS, I'm liking what I'm hearing.
fri 05:10pm@tedder42
fri 06:26pmMaking progress on Important Non-Work Project, but office becoming unsurvivably hot. Sacrifice momentum for ability to breathe?
fri 06:26pm(could switch everything over to a laptop and move downstairs, but tear down and setup time destroys momentum as well)
fri 07:14pmWell, it's official. Mint now values our house at less than our mortgage. Zillow's still got us in the black, tho.
fri 07:20pm@westseattleblog half-staff means so much ... less from that vantage point.
fri 09:50pmI may be too sober for my own good at the moment.
fri 09:50pmUnsafely sober, even.
fri 09:50pmI think too much.
fri 10:08pmHoly crap! Compound logic in smart playlists! Is that new in 9, or have I just not seen it before?
fri 10:09pm(I've been doing Stupid Playlist Tricks for a while to get around the lack)
fri 10:24pm@caladri they have convenient off switches.
sat 09:24am@troyd A pack of moleskins and some surgery.
sat 09:49amIn the past 24hrs, two spiders have colonized half the deck. Where's my flamethrower?
sat 10:33amTurns out I don't like szechuan peppercorns. This is ironic, considering we've got a tree on the deck that I've been waiting to flower.
sat 11:47am@donttrythis very nice
sat 02:09pmWhy in the name of the Great Green Arklseizure do 19" 720p tvs cost more than a netbook with /higher/ resolution?!?
sat 02:10pm@dreamingcrow yes. But I got thru without killing anyone.
sat 04:36pmOk. Shelf installed in bedroom. Bose is now on shelf. Dogs and I chilling on bed now.

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