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Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more - If he were president today - If he were president today The cable news commentators would be on his case about His awful haircut His gaunt face His crooked tie His trembling hands His mole His depression His wide lapels His lanky frame His crazy wife His Marfan Syndro[...]
Coolbuzz - Pigeon outclasses technology in South Africa - Winston, a pigeon, is making news today because it's faster than the broadband speed offered by Africa's largest integrated communications company, Telkom. Unlimited IT took the services of this 11-month-old pigeon to transfer data between two corpor[...]
Papier mache gargoyle - I require a reminder as to why raining arcane destruction is not an appropriate response to all of life's indignities. - "I require a reminder as to why raining arcane destruction is not an appropriate response to all of life's indignities." Added by GrendelFish (#42)
NYT > Home Page - Economix: A Decade With No Income Gains - The Census Bureau's annual report showed that median household income was lower last year than in 1998.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Shopping cart gone in iTunes 9 - Shared by Marty Lame. Filed under: iTS, iTunes, Bad AppleBuyer beware: one of the features that has silently disappeared from iTunes 9 is the Shopping Cart, where you used to be able to place songs, albums, videos, and apps for future purchase. It[...]
Lifehacker - Remove Splinters Using a Banana Peel [Clever Uses] - Bananas are a good source of potassium, but turns out the peels can do more than just store the fruit. Apartment Therapy outlines seven ways to put used peels to work, including removal of those inconvenient splinters. Photo by 11950mike. According t[...]
The UberReview - Spoilers Shirt, Because Nothing Beats Ruining Others' Fun - Most of these "spoilers" aren't big surprises but who knows, there are a lot of them there so you might catch a couple of people. Price: $18 [Fashionably Geek]
Boing Boing - Spider and Jeanne Robinson need help - Beloved Hugo-award-winning writer, dancer and choreographer Jeanne Robinson (wife of Spider Robinson) has cancer, and it has taken a turn for the worse. Spider Robinson describes their financial situation as dire ("running on fumes") and so he's aski[...]

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