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So, I've got the house to myself until 5 or 6 tonight, when I have to go get the dogs, and then it's just me and them until Tuesday. I waited too long to order the Hookers&Blow Party Pack™, so I've gotta figure out what to do with myself until then. Probably house cleaning.

Hey! Anybody wanna come over and help paint the harem pit? I need to experiment with the metallic overlay (we went with copper instead of gold 'cause I liked the color better), but the base color is set and finalized, and we've got a gallon of primer and of the paint, which should be enough to do most of it, if not all (I'm hopeful the primer means fewer coats on the ceiling than the kitchen required). We can't put the pit back together until after it's painted, and I'd really like to have it done before halloween, ya know?

And I was thinking I should make either chili or stew. Could do that at the same time, feed the slave labor helpful friends who help. Sunday's not really any good, due to other commitments, but maybe Saturday? I assume Friday and Monday don't really work for most people.
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