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Coding Horror - If It Looks Corporate, Change It - Are you familar with happy talk? If you're not sure whether something is happy talk, there's one sure-fire test: if you listen very closely while you're reading it, you can actually hear a tiny voice in the back of your head saying "Blah blah blah b[...]
Schneier on Security - "The Cult of Schneier" - If there's actually a cult out there, I want to hear about it. In an essay by that name, John Viega writes about the dangers of relying on Applied Cryptography to design cryptosystems: But, after many years of evaluating the security of software sy[...]
Bad Astronomy - LROC and stroll - The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter continues to knock 'em out of the park. Over at Universe Today Nancy Atkinson shows how an LRO Camera image answers a question that's lasted for almost 40 years: how close did Apollo 14 astronauts Ed Mitchell and Ala[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Offensive line not the only thing broken at Oklahoma game - Filed under: Humor, Odds and ends It's one thing to have your computer crash. It's another to have it crash in front of thousands of sports fans. This latest humiliation took place Saturday at the pre-game festivities for the Oklahoma/Brigham Young [...]

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