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Shared Posts from 03 September to 05 September

Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Pears grown in the shape of the Buddha - Mark sez, "Growing pears inside a Buddha-shaped plastic form yields much fruit love!" Como fazer peras em formato de buda! (Thanks, Mark!)
Lifehacker - Amazon Offering One Free MP3 of Your Choice [Dealhacker] - Amazon MP3's Twitter account just surpassed 1 million followers, and to celebrate they're offering 1 free MP3 download of your choosing (provided you can buy it for the $1.29 in credit they're handing out, which I think should buy pretty much any son[...]
xkcd - VK Couples Testing - Just for the hell of it, we actually threw together the site in yesterday's comic. I hope no hearts out there are broken, but it's important to know these things.  Bots can handle thousands of connections at on[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - The beautifully detailed art of Mac OS X app icons - Filed under: OS, Software, Cult of Mac, Odds and ends, Graphic Design, Snow LeopardOver at his blog Cult of Mac, writer Leander Kahney published a post this morning featuring full-size 512 x 512 pixel screenshots of Mac icons. As he notes, the highly[...]

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