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Boing Boing - Music downloading penalties are harsher than arson, theft, or starting a dogfighting ring - Jesus Diaz looks at the $1.92m fine Jammie Thomas faces for downloading 1700 songs and compares it to the penalties for other crimes in America (valuing jail time at $50,233, the median US household income in 2007): * Child abduction: Fine of $25,00[...]
Bad Astronomy - Lunar boreal halo - OMFSM. I love this picture. Love love love. Love. [Click to embiggen.] Is it a ring of fire on Mercury? A look into the gateway of hell? A promo for Halo 3? Nope. It's far cooler: it's the rim of the lunar crater Erlanger poking into the sunlight[...]
Seattlest - Seattle's Odds Of Winning $325 Mega Millions - On Friday, expect people flocking their lucky 7-Eleven convenience stores, gas stations, and anywhere they can take their chances on winning some big money--biiiiiiig monnnnnaaaay--in the $325 Mega Millions lottery drawing. Odds of picking the right [...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Stupid and unjustified App Store rejection letter of the day - Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, Software, Bad Apple, Developer, iPhone, App Store, iPod touch TUAW has covered the fine iPhone apps from Tapbots more than once. ConvertBot is a beautifully-designed and functional app to do a myriad of unit conversi[...]
Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more - First Bush was Hitler, now Obama is Hitler. - First Bush was Hitler, now Obama is Hitler. Let's clear something up right now.  All U.S. Presidents are gonna have some bad ideas, regardless of which political party they're in, but until they decided to kill 6,000,000+ people for having [...]

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