Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My desktop is a little more cluttered than it was.
Arcturus has four hard drives, see. The first is a 750gb for OSX. The second is another 750 which /was/ Nekkar, the XP system. Then a 1TB for Seginus (Vista) and another 1TB is Izar, which is mainly backups and misc storage.

Well, I finally got tired of wasting 900gb of space on Seginus and 700 on Nekkar. So, after screwing up the backups, I just reinstalled them. I repartitioned the second drive into four equal partitions, put XP on the first, Vista on the second, and have left the third and fourth partitions for later use. They're currently just simple FAT systems. The 1TB drive that used to be Seginus is now Princeps and will probably become the new media drive, replacing the WD MyBook currently attached to Algol which I think is the major contributor to Algol's occasional lockups.

Anyway, now my desktop looks like this:

Yes, every disk has been named after one of the named stars of Boötis. And I can't add any more, since that's all the stars with names that I could find.

Also, ATI can die in a fire. Their drivers for the 2600 series bluescreen XP on boot. I had it working for a while with the 2600 disabled (it drives the third and fourth monitors, the first two are on the 1900), but it's broken again. So, currently Nekkar is unusable. Ah well.
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