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Twitter posts from 03 August to 22 August

From my Twitter stream:
mon 01:24pm@mcmoots losers, all of them. Otoh, you're a weirdo.
mon 03:50pm@amazonwishlist: ACK What have you done?!? This looks AWFUL. My list of wishlists is now half the damned page! Where are my comment boxes?
mon 03:51pm@amazonwishlist Gah, I'm gonna hafta stop telling people I worked on wishlists there!
mon 04:13pmI'm in West Seattle. The only thing in your campaign flyer is opposition to the tunnel. Fail!
mon 04:40pm@mcmoots I'd rather a tunnel than a new viaduct and rather either than neither. I'd take the cash personally, tho, sure.
mon 04:46pm@mcmoots fuck em. I don't want it to take four hours to get out of west Seattle every morning.
mon 05:31pm@mcmoots yes
tue 06:26pmo/~ It is, it is, a glorious thing, to be a pirate king o/~
tue 11:07pm*sigh* google apps calendar sharing settings /help/ is in sync with non-apps version. but functionality is not. I can't make it all public.
wed 11:00amitunes has 2 Thud (Discworld) audiobooks: 1 from ISIS in 2005, 10h16m, $15. 1 from Harper in 2009, 10h31m, $22. Which do I want?
wed 11:04amBoth read by Stephen Briggs. There's no indication in the descriptions that there's any difference. I lean towards the cheaper.
wed 03:01pmI need to shave.
wed 03:15pmI think a) shave. b) buy batteries. c) sidegrade Rigel.
wed 04:42pm@Jamgrrl list ::)
wed 06:49pm@tedder42 yeah, to replace viaduct
wed 08:11pmModern linux boot discs don't support my servers' video hardware. old ones that do, don't support rigel's new filesystem version. grrrr.
wed 08:12pmSo, my nicely rsynced ready to update and run hard drive has to be reformatted and resynced from scratch. in progress.
wed 08:15pmWhoever is responsible for "recent" linux kernels not supporting cmbus-based servers' video: I want to hurt you, badly.
wed 08:16pmIf it's just a choice that ubuntu made in building their install disc kernels, I ill hurt them too, but I have the same problem with DSL.
thu 03:00pmUSB drive connected to Oort, copy files to local IDE drive: 80KBps. Connect to laptop, copy over network to same dest? 2MBps. ::P
thu 10:45pm@nastrus ::(
fri 01:13pm@tereshkova2001 who cares? it's cookie dough! EAT IT RAW!
fri 01:13pmCan't post to twitter via web interface in firefox. Works fine in Safari. Tsk.
fri 03:43pm@twitter It's happening for me on 3.0.13, fwiw.
fri 07:27pmI was half expecting Henry to climb in and say "Bye everybody, I'm going home!"...
sat 09:49pmEverytime I see or hear or read about @hodgman, I am again embarrassed to've asked him about getting a Chuzzle onto the Daily Show.
sun 09:01pmDone this weekend: Dog park. New toaster oven. New LR storage for Rock Band crap. Office cleaning. Library cleaning.
sun 09:01pmSo why do I feel I haven't gotten anything done?
mon 09:13am@dianthus try ironing a utilikilt in a standard ironing board.
mon 09:14am@lindvall that's a lot. What did you learn?
mon 04:26pmI don't think I've ever been thru Valley and Fairview without seeing someone make an illegal turn.
mon 08:58pmI'm getting tired of buying audiobooks from itunes that have errors in them. Like, several missing minutes type errors. *sigh*
tue 12:15pmRT @dondo RT @ericragle, @markosm Say NO to Socialism!
tue 12:20pm...
tue 07:56pmFinished huluing Arrested Development today. Turned out to be a pretty good series. Next, New Amsterdam.
thu 08:15amI grow tired of recruiters that can't read. Also, I'm not fond of the ones that call at 8am.
thu 11:37amI found a piece of paper that says "0x0.3p10 = 3/16 x 2^10 = 0.5". In my handwriting. WTF does it mean?
thu 01:40pm@icebluenothing I put it in the recycling. It now lives in my Twitter and facebook streams.
thu 01:41pm@vixy to who?
thu 05:40pmWell, that was the nicest you're-not-good-enough I've ever recieved.
thu 05:41pmAlso: YAY, BOOM!!
thu 06:21pm@dianthus when was your last oil change, and who did it?
thu 11:36pmMe to L: "Banana does not rhyme with Death Panel!"
thu 11:37pmNor, I note, does "afghanabananastan"...
fri 09:03am@vixy actually, it's a little further away, and a little bigger.
fri 10:16amJoshua dropped with Honda. Morning plans fell down. Rented Fit. At Chelan for bfast, then home to wade thru work email.
fri 11:50amThat's the plan. Rule the world. You and me. Any day.
fri 11:50amAnyway...
fri 11:52am@vixy I have an iphone twitter client that scrolls to what I last read, which helps with that. LJ I look at a few times a day. FB, I don't.
fri 11:57amIf I'd planned differently for the day, I might've gone to a midday District 9. Ah well.
fri 11:58am@vixy You spent too much time hanging around me before I had proper radiation shielding.
fri 02:32pm@vixy It's not on my forehead, and it's glow-in-the-dark. If you'd ever gotten me alone in a dark room, maybe you'd've had adequate warning.
fri 02:32pmThere's no 'team' in 'I'.
fri 02:32pmOh, yes, thank you, I only send the Team one three minutes ago. The PS3 is interfering with the Airport network. Gonna need to move the AP.
fri 02:37pm@vixy Yes it is. You know why.
fri 02:37pm@spunquee Yeah, that was a little disturbing.
fri 02:58pm@darkmane "The time has come to convert the unbelievers." "Convert them?" "To radioactive vapour!"
fri 02:59pmJoshua is ready to be picked up. I wonder if he misses his daddy. I know he's a lot more comfy than the Fit.
fri 03:00pmI can't see the speedometer of the Fit above 40mph. At 60, the indicator is almost completely invisible. And it accelerates too hard.
fri 03:04pm@darkmane Depends which belief we're talkin'bout.
fri 03:05pm4532 tweets? Am I really /that/ spammy? I've only made 2800 LJ entries, and 441 of those are autoposts!
fri 04:34pmMike's cocktails. I got a 4pack of pomegranate martini. And got carded. Kids these days!
fri 04:35pm@mcmoots ITYM "SQUIRRELS".
fri 04:48pmThis is not very good. Mikes Hard Pom is better.
fri 10:09pmGAH. Been debugging a fork/sleep/wait problem for half an hour before realizing I'd left out 'use POSIX qw/:sys_wait_h/;'. stupid.
fri 10:11pm@tommusic 3x/day for the past 16 years. You get used to it. And I still have to look away when they draw blood.
fri 11:26pm@tommusic At present, my largest single shot is 1CC. When I was on the methotrexate, that was 3ish, I think? But that was only about a year.
sat 08:37pmBad accident I-5 sb just before 90. Backup at least to convention center. 1 lane open.
sun 09:18pmo/~ We're gonna pick pick pick pick pick you apart o/~ open you up and stop the tick tick tick of a heart o/~
sun 10:05pmIt saddens me to find the Stranger's politics to have drifted so far from my own.
sun 10:35pm@sistawendy I liked the pilot. Not the series. L's been recording it, and I think @beaq watches.
tue 11:00amAudio on Arcturus broken this morning. Occasional snippets. Replaced optical cable. No change. Reboot. Audio again, but noisy. Sad.
tue 11:02amEither the onboard audio is broken, or the external amp is dying. Hope the former. It's 8 years old or so, easier to replace.
tue 11:07amARGH. And firefox 3.5 is spinning out of control, won't close windows, won't quit. Christ, I should go back to crayons, it'd be faster.
tue 11:12am@spunquee I love that things were great, then it pops up and says "fast fast fast!!" so, fine, I suppose it's time to upgrade. Now this.
tue 12:27pm@HollyQueen of all the times to ask that question, this may be the funniest.
tue 01:42pm@mcmoots huhuhuhuh.. you said 'protolith'
tue 01:51pmUI definition is the worst part of my job. How do I squeeze this warning into an already-busy interface?
tue 08:46pmWatched all of New Amsterdam today. Started good, writing went downhill fast in last 2or3 episodes. Good concept tho.
tue 08:48pmPondering my job. New cheerleader is starting to annoy, and soon will start to worry. Good time to ask for more money, perhaps.
tue 09:25pmWhoa. 34 mention spam in the last half hour. Need to write a script to handle them.
wed 08:41amXKCD made me sad.
wed 08:57amFrom Bruce Schneier: Fabricating DNA Evidence My reaction: "Oh, crap."
wed 10:10amAnybody know anyplace to get machine-readable movie listings on a per-theatre basis?
wed 11:31am@dagard cool. Thanks.
wed 04:05pm84° outside. 91° in my office.
wed 07:22pm@firesign3000 I hate beer, but agree with you.
wed 07:48pmRe Warehouse 13: no, damnit. They're still SS agents, they don't have to sneak around and steal from other SS. Your boss calls their boss.
thu 09:32amOk, this one I /will/ shill for. @dropbox? 'tis awesome. I use it everywhere. Sign up with this link, we get bonus:
thu 10:36amI think I need to send the cheerleader a "WTF?" email. I am afeared.
thu 11:03amHaving trouble with a closing.
thu 11:44am@firesign3000 that's how we fix things. Complain about it not working. As soon as someone else looks at it, poof, it works.
thu 01:15pmSpending too much time dealing with my job, not enough doing my work.
thu 04:44pmBedroom audio system has been replaced with a Bose Wave, connected to the airport express. It does amazingly well at loud volumes.
thu 04:44pm*listens to Money For Nothing at 80*
thu 04:50pmo/~ Any dolt with half a brain o/~ Can see that humankind has gone insane o/~
fri 08:49amRT @saurik: PrivaCy (global tracking opt-out) now available in Cydia! More details on its package details page.
fri 08:51am@TwitterFon hm. Maybe TF should detect when a URL is already shortened. It just bitly'd a tinyurl in my retweet. ::/
fri 09:10amJust tried Pretty nice. Tho, apparently I've blocked a lot more people than I realized. Should go clean that up.
fri 11:06amCombine the following for awesome: the Martian timeslip + the Strangers' clock from Dark City.
fri 05:44pmBusy working until after 5, still not done. Break for dinner. Looking at luna park menu confirms diagnosis: depressed.
fri 10:37pmJust finished working for the day. About 10 hours after planned.
sat 11:00pmo/~ I'm not like them / but I can pretend o/~

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