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MAKE Magazine - Zubbles! - According to some reports, toy designer Tim Kehoe spent 15 years and $3 million US to bring his vision of colored soap bubbles to market. Making a colored bubble is apparently hard enough, but the real challenge is making them non-staining. That's [...]
The UberReview - Fridge Too Small? Check This Out - The Cambusa looks to be the fridge to get if you need one that fits absolutely everything. There is a side for drinks, a side for food and if you want the guys at Meneghini will fit it out with other appliances too. Price: $10,000+ but come on, you [...]
Boing Boing - Entertainment Weekly ad with a video-screen glued to the pages - The current ish of Entertainment Weekly has a tiny video screen embedded in a two-page CBS ad that auto-plays when you turn the page. The screen is controlled by a slim PCB sandwiched between the pages. As Wired's John C Abell says, "The audio qualit[...]
Lessig Blog - Announcing the hibernation of (from the blogs-deserve-a-sabbatical-too department) - So my blog turns seven today. On August 20, 2002, while hiding north of San Francisco working on the Eldred appeal, I penned my first (wildly and embarrassingly defensive) missive to Dave. Some 1753 entries later, I'm letting the blog rest. This will[...]
Manolo for the Big Girl - The Obesity Myth article in The Atlantic -  I find this article from Megan McArdle at The Atlantic to be extremely interesting: This week, Health Affairs published a new study showing that-quelle surprise!-obesity accounts for an ever growing share of our health care costs.&nbsp[...]
Boing Boing - Report: Mercury found in every single fish tested in study of US rivers, streams - "No fish can escape mercury pollution" is the bottom line in a federal study of mercury contamination that tested fish from nearly 300 streams across the United States. Link to AP article. Over at Dangerous Minds, Richard Metzger says, "I like how t[...]
Boing Boing - How many minutes do people in your city have to work to buy a Big Mac? - From The Economist, a chart showing "how long it takes a worker on the average net wage to earn the price of a Big Mac in 73 cities." The more important question is how long you have to work to eat something less gross than a Big Mac, of course. An[...]
Lifehacker - Flip Your Old Deck Boards Before Shelling Out for a New Deck ['home] - If your deck is looking a little weathered and you're considering replacing the boards, you might want to try this simple trick to see if you can squeeze a few more years of service out of them. Decking planks aren't cheap. If your deck looks rough, [...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Nav with turn by turn, text to speech and only $1.99 - Filed under: iPhone, App Store, App ReviewYes, all true. I'm talking about Roadee [iTunes link], an iPhone nav app that depends on the open sourced That eliminates the high fees paid to license map data, and allows a nav app for un[...]
MAKE Magazine - Super-Kamiokande - Happy Friday - Super-Kamiokande (a 50,000 ton water Cherenkov detector). Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Science | Digg this!

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