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Dev-Team Blog - A Pinch too much - Last week, Joey Hess revealed that the Palm Pre running on WebOS uploads very specific information about your location and application usage to Palm on a daily basis.  Although it's allowed by the EULA that you must accept to use the Palm Pr[...]
MAKE Magazine - The pitch drop experiment - In 1927 Dr. Thomas Parnell at the University of Queensland heated a sample of petroleum pitch, also called bitumen, and poured it into a glass funnel, with a sealed neck, set in a ring stand. Three years later, in 1930, he broke the neck off the fun[...]
MAKE Magazine - Perpetually self-winding mechanical clock - "Atmos" is a type of mechanical clock, manufactured in several models since 1935 by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland. The Atmos needs no batteries, no electric power, and never needs to be wound. All it requires to run indefinitely is an ambient tem[...]
Cool Tools - Burden Cloth - I never seem to live anywhere a cart is usable, and I hate wheelbarrows. Working in my garden, I've hauled everything from straw bales to gravel with the help of Burden Cloths. I've been using them for about 20 years, and have the patio (3x3') and fa[...]
Lifehacker - Generate PDFs and Multi-Article Books from Wikipedia [Wikipedia] - Lifehacker reader John is a finance student who found something very helpful in Wikipedia's new beta design. Any article can be downloaded or printed as a PDF, and multiple articles can be combined into a PDF book. It may not be an entirely new-new f[...]
Bad Astronomy - Square Circle Spiral - One thing I love about having cool friends like psychologist Richard Wiseman: I see all kinds of things I never would have otherwise. On his blog Richard posted one of the best optical illusions I have ever seen: Oh baby! Let your eyes roam over it;[...]
Nerd Approved - Gadgets and Gizmos - Glowing Toilet Paper Helps You Poop In the Dark - Everyone's asleep--this is your "me" time. Take a load off (literally) with the help of this glowing toilet paper. Nothing is more relaxing that a midnight poop in the dark. Am I right or am I right? Product Page (£5 or $8 / Pre-Order)
Schneier on Security - Fabricating DNA Evidence - This isn't good: The scientists fabricated blood and saliva samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the blood and saliva. They also showed that if they had access to a DNA profile in a database, they could construct a sample of [...]
Lifehacker - Enjoy Homemade Butter in Less Than Five Minutes [DIY] - Homemade butter is vastly superior to its store-bought equivalent, but nobody wants to pull out or buy a butter churn. This churn-free method makes it worthwhile, producing the kitchen staple (and some bonus buttermilk, too) in under five minutes. Da[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Found Footage: iPhone Consumer Revolt (NSFW) - Filed under: Video, Bad Apple, iPhone Forget about everything else. The cool consumer rage is currently directed at AT&T. Pat Lee, a Chicago iPhone user, is asking the iPhone community to petition Apple to drop AT&T exclusivity. In this bitin[...]
USB Powered Gadgets and more.. - Friggin Tiny USB Nano Flash Drive - Shared by Marty I ordered one. They imply they sell a black 8gb model, but I could only order it in white. Tsk. Flash drives are getting so small, they are the size of the USB connector itself.  How cool is that?  Well, in size i[...]
Lifehacker - Indeed Ranks the Most Crowded Job Markets [Job Search] - Indeed, a Hive Five winner for best online job search site, posts a ranked list of U.S. cities, showing off the ratio of unemployed folks in a city to the job listings Indeed can find for it. It's far from scientific, as both Indeed is not the absolu[...]
MAKE Magazine - Sculpting metal with high explosives - In 1985, American artist Evelyn Rosenberg developed a technique for embossing thick metal plates by blasting them onto a mold with sheets of plastic explosive. "Detonography," as she calls it, can impress very delicate images into metal surfaces, an[...]
MAKE Magazine - Beautiful, deadly fountain pumps pure metallic mercury - For my money, it is one of the more perverse facts of the physical universe that elemental mercury, which is so beautiful and has so many amazing and useful properties, is also so dangerous. This fountain, commissioned by the Spanish government from[...]

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