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Items shared from Google Reader: - Spleen Gives Heart a Leg Up : Scientific American Podcast - Shared by Marty Huh. The spleen has a real job. - Century-Old Physics Law Violated : Scientific American Podcast - Shared by Marty Iiiinteresting. But with glass beads, they achieved separations of only 10 billionths of a meter. And the radiation flow was up to a thousand times greater than Planck's law predicts.
Bad Astronomy - Kepler works! - NASA held a press conference today about early scientific results from the Kepler space telescope, a mission designed to detect Earthlike planets orbiting distant stars. Kepler has not yet detected such a planet -- that will take at least a couple of[...]
Uncrate - Root - Ever wonder where root beer came from? Well, it used to be root tea, an alcoholic drink the settlers picked up from the Native Americans -- but prohibition ended all... Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Coolbuzz - Real-time roadside meters put the danger in perspective - The Elm Glove police department, to warn drivers about accidents, has installed these real-time meters on the roadside that display and warn drivers about the consequences of exceeding the speed limit. Created by the Cramer-Krasselt agency of Milwauk[...]
Boing Boing - Van Halen had good reason to ban brown M&Ms in their concert rider. - Spotted via Andrew Baron's tweetstream, this fascinating -- no, really! -- snopes article on why Van Halen had that line in their concert rider about ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN M&Ms EVER. Punch line: the true reason behind this had to do with technolog[...]
Coolbuzz - SmartMeasure - Digital measuring cup - Except liquor, I don't think people are too finicky about the exact amount of liquid in their cup. Exchanging words with the bartender with respect to a drop here and there has become a common sight. Maybe, it is because of the measuring device they [...] - Teatime Brutality: Canon and Sheep Shit: Why We Fight. - Shared by Audrey I love Doctor Who's lack of canon. It's about time travel, and it contains everything or nothing, as it likes. I hate the Doctor Who canon like Dawkins hates God. Like him, I'm convinced the target of my animus doesn't exist, but[...]
Nerd Approved - Gadgets and Gizmos - Need Relief? Help Is On The Way - Since nobody can make it through the day anymore without popping a pill or two to relieve even the most minor discomfort, the Help Shop is offering you packs of sleep aids, allergy medication and ibuprofen among other things in what is surely a type [...]
WebWorkerDaily - Is It Time to "Just Say No" to Internet Explorer 6? - As web workers, sometimes we have to walk a fine line between keeping clients happy, and providing the best possible services. For web developers like me, the issue of whether to continue supporting Internet Explorer 6 is becoming a major headache. [...] - The World's Oldest Wood, Ancient Kauri | Ancientwood, LTD. - Shared by Marty Found this on the Make blog. Niiiice. Exotic wood over 50,000 years old now available in the US.Now you can actually have and use the world's oldest woodEvery tree grew for at least 1,200 yearsPreserved underground for 50,000 year[...]
MoMB - Sprinklepenny - Sprinklepenny (email waitinglist) Sprinklepenny enables you to support your favourite sites with tiny payments. Blog Tip a dime to your favourite blogs with Sprinklepenny
MOO - What did I hear about a secret weekend sale at MOO? - Yes, you are right. We're having a sale on all our products this weekend. It's a bit of a secret sale as you only see the savings when you hit the discount section of the shopping cart basket. Don't worry the sale is happening on both our US and UK [...]
The UberReview - Make Ice Cream While Playing Catch - It takes a long time to make ice cream without an ice cream maker, but thanks to thermodynamic reactions and a bit of lateral thinking, doing so can now be fun. The ice cream ball runs on kinetic energy, ice and rock salt. You put your ingredients i[...]

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