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The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Netflix expected to release a Watch Instantly video streaming app - Filed under: iPhone, iPod touch There are at least 27 Netflix related iPhone apps according to Macworld. Their purposes differ but most of them are designed to let you manage your movie queue. A new player is about to enter the arena: Netflix itsel[...]
Lifehacker - Massacre Gmail Ads with These Two Sentences (and Some Tragic Words) [Annoyances] - Those "Sponsored Ads" in e-mails are an annoyance to both sender and recipient and they seem to escape blocking. Until now. These two (so far) fail-proof sentences at the end of an email will let you enjoy e-mailed rants, ad-free. (Click the images a[...]
MAKE Magazine - How-To: Build your own IcyBall - The Crosley IcyBall (wikipedia) is a commercial early-twentieth century portable chemical refrigerator that runs without moving parts or electricity. Cooling is caused by the evaporation and re-adsorption of ammonia into a water-based solution, whic[...]
MAKE Magazine - Prototype iPhone mini jack magstripe reader - The prototype iPhone payment system Square, currently in testing at a trendy clothing store in NYC, has been generating a lot of buzz for the past couple of days. What caught my attention was its use of the mini jack as a communication port. Often ov[...]
Lifehacker - Score $9 Flights On JetBlue [Dealhacker] - Vacations can get pricey, especially where purchasing airline tickets is concerned. Luckily, JetBlue is offering some cost savings in the form of one-way Monday flight deals for as little as nine bucks. Photo by mrkathika. The promotion is part of Je[...]
Coolbuzz - The Equalizer - Equality comes for a price - The Equalizer, as the name suggests, is a multi-blade rocker pizza knife ensuring that each member of the family gets his or her share in equal proportions. Available in 6″ to 20″ models, the equilibrium will take a toll on your pocket, a[...]

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