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The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - AT&T responds on Google questions, throws Apple under the bus - Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, iPhone, App StoreIt's going to be interesting to watch the next few weeks as AT&T, Apple and Google respond to the FCC questions about which apps get approved for use on the iPhone. Yesterday, AT&T responded [...]
The UberReview - The Citadel Will House Rich Folks In Floating Apartments - The Citadel is a floating apartment complex designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio. Seasickness should be no problem as the complex of 60 luxury apartments (plus car park) will float on a massive concrete foundation that is designed [...]
USB Powered Gadgets and more.. - The Most Portable USB Vinyl Recorder Player We've Seen - Albiet a concept design, this is one portable looking USB vinyl record player.  Comprised of just two parts, a base and top, the USB vinyl record player is meant for table top play back.  Granted, you've got to ask yourself who's in[...]
Lifehacker - Get 15 Minutes of Airport Wi-Fi by Asking [Air Travel Tip] - Wise Bread blogger Sharon Harvey Rosenberg wanted to check some email at New York City's LaGuardia Airport, but, like most airports, found herself hitting a paywall with the name "Boingo" attached to it. Rather than pay a king's ransom for the time u[...]
Serious Eats - Panda Cake - New to us, via Neatorama, comes panda bread. It's sure to make the hearts of panda lovers everywhere explode with rainbows. Or, if you've ever wanted to eat pandas, this can be your socially safe panda-eating outlet. Basically, it requires strategic[...]
MAKE Magazine - Money to burn - Well, to laser-etch, anyway. Brooklyn tattoo artist Scott Campbell makes these laser-cut stacks of $1 bills. Recently shown at a gallery in Miami, the stacks are part of a collection called "Make it Rain." Thanks to Billy Baque for the heads-up. [...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - David Pogue and his 'Take Back the Beep' campaign - Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, Odds and ends, iPhoneDavid Pogue, who writes on tech for the New York Times had an interesting and thoughtful column yesterday. He's been complaining about the ridiculously long messages the cellular carriers stick on[...]
Lifehacker - Bypass Cellphone Voicemail Instructions with One Star Pound [Annoyances] - Next time your call goes to voicemail, there's no reason to contend with the insufferable 15-second instructional that precedes the beep. Here's how to skip ahead and leave your message in peace without wasting precious minutes. Photo by Florida Hipp[...]
MAKE Magazine - How-To: Acoustic rain gauge (disdrometer) - Wow, neat, Instructables user nusnel shows us how to make an acoustic rain gauge: For a project at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) we are building cheap, durable acoustic rain gauges, known as disdrometers. These devices "listen" to[...]
Hack a Day - Diamond thermal paste - [Jared Bouck] over at InventGeek  writes about his experience making his own thermal paste. Diamonds can be up to five times as thermally conductive as silver, the primary ingredient in most popular thermal compounds.  He combines 6[...]
Seattlest - "Don't Let Those Light Rail Hoboes Near Bell Square!" - Damon Agnos at the Weekly reports on the the coalition suing to prevent I-90 light rail from happening, a weird last-ditch attempt to keep Seattle from driving its train deep into the Eastside, again and oh god again, via tunnel. The suit--claiming l[...]
Boing Boing - Living in a massive high-rise with no neighbors - This 32-story condominium in Fort Myers, Florida has 200 units and only one is occupied. The Vangelakos purchased their unit four years ago and nobody else has ever moved in. The scene sounds like something from a JG Ballard novel, which is appropria[...]

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