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Twitter posts from 26 July to 01 August

From my Twitter stream:
sun 10:04pmYesterday: Chelan. Best buy (PS3, LBP, Overlord2). Fry's. True Value (pool, misters). Sonic in Puyallup.
sun 10:07pmToday: Overlord 2. Roughly 10am to 9pm. And then we put in the air conditioners. Tomorrow? 830 demo. Ugh.
tue 09:57amI have much work to do in the next four days. More than I had at this time yesterday. And I don't want to do it. Already ta hot.
tue 09:58amOnly comfortable place in the house is the bedroom. But can't really work effectively in here.
tue 02:20pmWooden deck. Sunny part, 145°. Shady part, 95°.
tue 02:27pmWe usually keep some room temp butter in airtight container on counter. Today, is partly liquid. ::P
tue 11:49pm@drakemonger /I/ understood. But I'm not a non-native speaker, as far as your planet's governments know.
tue 11:51pmSo, Nerdvana now looks even more like a green-trash hole. We put reflectix on the back door and dining room windows.
tue 11:52pmNow I just need a spaceship up on blocks in the front yard to complete the effect.
wed 10:33amIt's always a little creepy when I write several lines of fixed-width text and all the lines end on the same column, without trying.
wed 10:34am@westseattleblog I've had a few like that over the years. Mostly when I was younger, which, now that I think about it, is sad.
wed 10:49amSitting in bed. A/C running at my feet, pillow on lap to insulate from macbook pro. LR mac-mini feeding music to speakers on headboard.
wed 10:49amLife could be worse, is what I'm saying. It's not great, but it could very much be worse.
wed 12:09pmYou know the conversation is done when it devolves to "No, YOU'RE a sleestak!"
wed 04:05pmInterurban backed up with I5 refugees. Gonna be late to our 415 movie.
wed 08:59pmI had been learning to program for iPhone. Started thinking maybe I don't wanna learn SDK rules, and learn third-party style. ...
wed 09:03pmThe nonsense with app approvals was leaning me away from the official channels. This BS with gv mobile clinched it for me.
sat 01:00pmGot to Chelan five minutes before close. Didn't realize it was so late. Oops. They seated us anyway, of course. S'why we love them.
sat 01:02pmThinking we should get our waitress a copy of @CupcakeGoth's book. I think she'd enjoy it.
sat 01:28pmSo who do the Sleestaks look down upon?
sat 08:33pmWandering along the water
sat 10:23pmIf you want a forward-only email address at big-?damn-?nerd.(me|com), DM/email me the alias you want and where to forward to.

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