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Items shared from Google Reader:
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - It's the Feds! FCC quizzes Apple, AT&T and Google about Google Voice apps - Filed under: Apple Corporate, iPhone, App StoreEarlier today, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) sent out letters to Apple, AT&T and Google, readable here [FCC's letter to Apple, to AT&T & to Google] asking each company about i[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - The Google Voice rejection: What's needed now - Filed under: App StoreIf you've been following coverage of Apple's rejection of Google Voice for iPhone, you saw TUAW blogger Chris Rawson considering whether pressure from AT&T might have been behind the Google Voice rejection -- an assumption f[...]
Lifehacker - FCC Launches Inquiry into Apple's Ban on Google Voice Apps [News] - Those of you upset with Apple's rejection of the Google Voice iPhone app and the implications of such shady behavior might be interested to hear that the FCC has opened and inquiry into the ban. In letters sent late Friday to the two companies and A[...]

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