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Twitter posts from 19 July to 25 July

From my Twitter stream:
sun 10:23amSleepy morning puppies.
sun 09:45pmAwesome. Upgraded video drivers and control software under XP, and now control software crashes and monitors are arranged wrong.
sun 09:47pmThanks SO much ATI. I'm glad to be using your hardware. ::P
mon 12:45pmI begin to suspect aslmanager is behind arcturus's recent total-freeze-for-a-few-minutes behaviour. The timing fits.
mon 12:45pm@tommusic You just can't do things the easy way, can you?
mon 12:48pm@firesign3000 I quite like the wireless version of that, in fact. I've got the larger wired version (s'what i'm using right now)
mon 12:59pm@firesign3000 the wired version I have has one. but, realistically, how often do I use it? Not very.
tue 09:16am@pinguerin technically, no. it was your broadcast voice.
tue 10:05amI am intensely tired this morning. Felt like this last night, like I'd been carrying heavy things all day. Still this morning? Hm.
tue 10:05amDon't wanna work. or eat. or read interweb. wanna go back to bed.
tue 10:13amI wonder if I'm getting sick. This would make me unhappy in the extreme.
tue 10:18amunrelatedly: anybody know where I can get internal HD brackets for a network engines blazer 1.5?
tue 10:24am@jani_s ditto gabe. Dr Tarr is teh awesome. Tell him one of us sent you.
tue 10:36am@dondo about 75% via trebuchets. the rest.. well, it's all about thrust-to-weight ratios and the availability of fermented berries.
tue 11:01am@dondo Never really got into it, sadly.
wed 08:34pm@sistawendy five years after I wrote a cgi to reformat same to look better on winCE and load faster on phone. Futurefail!
thu 08:56am@sistawendy I'll see if I've still got it this evening. It's probably on Oort somewhere.
thu 09:33am@scottru 'sometimes'? ::)
thu 09:54am@donttrythis nobody believes you're Adam. We all assume you're a robot Adam built to Twitter for him.
thu 02:50pm@mcmoots yup. Tomorrow 730. RSVP on my post if you haven't.
thu 07:06pm@dianthus aw
thu 09:30pmAnybody wanna build me a writing machine? Something I can put a fountain pen in and send text to over serial, and it writes on paper.
fri 01:57pm@sistawendy in this day and age? Yes.
fri 07:29pmAt the Jones for one last hurrah.
fri 08:11pmEA: pioneering Plague Marketing.
fri 10:37pm@maggim please contact @drakemonger with goat rental info?
sat 01:19pm@wsdot bad 2 car accident sb i5@Boeing field, 2 rt lanes blocked. Minivan vs convertible, debris across 3-4 lanes.
sat 05:39pmHeading to Puyallup for lunch. Seriously, WTF is wrong with us?
sat 06:58pmPuyallup: blinding sun, hot, and raining ::/
sat 09:26pmTwittering from the PS3

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