Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Can you say "poor impulse control"?

After my mentioning that I couldn't decide if I wanted to get Overlord2 for xbox or for ps3, we decided to go by best buy and see if their bundles were price-comparable to amazon. By dropping their $60 HDMI cable, it actually ended up being about $2 cheaper, plus a slightly lower tax rate. So, we bought one. 80gig unit, with extra controller and bluray remote. The console was the same price as at amazon, the controller was more, but the remote was free in the bundle, so it worked out to our benefit. Then we went to fry's and bought an hdmi cable for much less money. And I got an hdmi switch box and the hdmi output for the xbox.

So, now we own all three of the current generation of major consoles, PLUS players for both HD-DVD and BluRay.

Now I just need to buy a new stereo with HDMI support. Fry's has the modern version of my Onkyo for <$500, but I think I'll be waiting until after I get a Real Job.
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