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Shared Posts from 21 July to 22 July

Items shared from Google Reader:
MAKE Magazine - Chia keyboard - A buddy of mine from high school planted this "chia keyboard" as a workplace prank. Says Warren, This took me two tries to get it right. I had to build a moisture trap with toothpicks and Saran wrap to get the seeds to germinate. Here's an older a[...]
Lifehacker - Listen to "Complex" Music to Get a Song Out of Your Head [Mind Hacks] - Been singing the same refrain for what seems like hours on end and can't seem to get the annoyingly catchy ditty out of your head? Here's how to rid your mind of the song. Photo by Ferrari + caballos +fuerza=cerebro Humano. Real Simple Magazine consu[...]
MAKE Magazine - Steak cake - Excellent entry by Meredith Newcom in the Threadcakes competition. Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Arts | Digg this!
MAKE Magazine - Cubical hard-boiled egg mold - That inner emptiness you've been feeling lately is probably due to the fact that you don't own one of these. Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Crafts | Digg this!

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