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Twitter posts from 12 July to 18 July

From my Twitter stream:
sun 09:59amI kinda want a .is domain, but E39? After I'm already paying $60 for .at? hmm
sun 10:48am@SLAM30 FOAD, porcine-fornicator.
sun 10:52amWoo, thunder.
mon 12:07am@tonyawinter oooh. I've wanted to do some sand blasting a few times this past decade...
mon 12:14pmGah! Seven minutes to get thru Fauntleroy and California.
mon 12:36pmI have a suggestion, LinkedIn: if you're going to enforce lenght limit in status update, SHOW THE LIMIT, and show the remaining count.
mon 12:37pmIt took me four tries to update my status, and there was no way to go back and recover what i'd typed. Idiots!
mon 01:24pm@thinkgeek Why do you have to be in VA? Why can't you move to Seattle, so I can work for you? *whine*
mon 01:27pm@CupcakeGoth ... I just ate breakfast half an hour ago, and you're making me hungry.
mon 02:28pm@employeeze How about a list of dates? A list of letters? A list of evil characters from the Smurfs cartoon show?
mon 02:40pm@employeeze If I wasn't busy trying to do my job and maybe find a new one, I'd spend a whole DAY writing a resume designed to make you yell.
mon 02:54pmLooks like NIST hangs up after 2min41sec.
mon 11:25pmDamn! Apparently the CS and Electrical/Computer Engineering departments at Wichita State have merged.
mon 11:26pmI really liked that the Computer Science department was part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences instead of Engineering.
mon 11:32pm@sistawendy Honestly, the worst part is that it means the links on my School page are all wrong, and correcting them will point to bad data.
tue 12:06pmI've spent too much time going JS work, so now when I change the backend I still hit reload. ::P
tue 01:41pmDamn. Shaving did not make the solution present itself.
tue 01:47pm@westseattleblog Either I hear about a lot more power outages because I follow you, OR there have been a lot more power outages this year.
tue 02:50pmSooo tempting... RT @dresdencodak: For the folks who like the latest DC, now you can buy a big ol' print!
tue 03:08pmAnother thing I found going thru an old mail folder: my todo list, from Nov 2001.
tue 04:27pmI know a bunch of people who need these:
tue 04:33pm@jani_s Not remotely. None of it, in fact. 8 of 32 items are still relevant. one is in progress.
tue 05:17pmhm. new version of qtweeter installed, and now it doesn't open at all. meh.
tue 05:24pmHuh. Go into Cydia to remove it and there's a mobilesubstrate upgrade. Install that and it works again. Whee.
tue 10:17pmI just discovered the 'frasl' entity. I just wish I had any use whatsoever for it. ::/
wed 08:49am@dropbox LAN sync? Awesome. Thank you.
wed 12:34pmExcepting sunday, my calendar shows birthdays every day from now to next wednesday.
wed 12:35pmSo, despite my usual failure to note such things...
wed 12:36pmHappy birthday in the next week or so, to: Andy, Katie, Margo, Audrey, Robert, Dana, and Michelle.
wed 05:30pm@hollyking want my 92? Or 85? You'd have to promise to buy the data cables and offload my programs. Assuming they're still in there.
thu 12:29am@hollyking you coming on Friday? I can bring them then.
thu 11:58am@mcmoots if you have enough yard for it, yes.
thu 02:21pmhint: If the tool is in ./tools/foo.rb, and the status file is in ./private/foo.yml... be careful before you type rm ./t[tab]/f[tab][enter].
thu 02:22pmOr, rather, think and read before the [enter] part. Make sure you hit p[tab], not t[tab], k?
thu 08:52pmJust saw an ad for Stargate Universe. I think it might be more accurate to call it battleStargate Galactica, from the tone indicated.
thu 08:55pmWe're watching the Warehouse 13 pilot. We're thinking "Moonlighting" meets "X-Files".
fri 08:31amWhy do I always sleep poorly when I have to get up 'early'?
fri 08:53amI'm so tired I hurt. I need to go take my shot, and head out, get breakfast, etc. The idea of just standing up is... unpleasant.
fri 09:29am@djwudi I've got my osx address book, google contacts, facebook, and thunderbird cross-syncing adequately well.
fri order arrived. Yay moderately-priced cagenuts. Also, they included a packet of Skittles. I like these guys. Will shop again.
sat 02:10pmWhat the fuck is wrong with us?!?
sat 04:15pm@dianthus Yes.
sat 04:21pmNikki and Sancho, in the car on the ride home.
sat 04:38pmWhen Image Capture downloads pictures from my phone, it rotates them inappropriately. Like that last one. Irritating.
sat 04:54pmSleepy doggy
sat 04:55pmSleepy doggie
sat 08:07pmJust saw TV ad for District 9. As a non-human, I am outraged and offended. Well done!

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