Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, oort can't run bzip2 without locking up the machine, and one or more of rigel's front fans are making loud grinding noises (and have been for a long time). So, I'm planning to move each of their hard drives to another machine. That's the nice part about having a pile of nearly identical machines sitting around: spares.

But, while I'm taking them down, I'd like to rebuild their hard drive partitions. Both of them have tiny little /boot partitions (like, 45mb), which was all I needed back when I set them up. It was plenty of space for their kernel and associated config. But, sadly, it's not enough anymore. When a new kernel update comes out, ubuntu wants to install it, and that means generating another set of files, plus backups, and if I have /any/ other kernel versions installed, it runs out of space. I basically have enough room for exactly /two/ kernel versions at any given time. So, if a new version comes out, and I haven't upgraded to the previous latest-installed (which happens a lot, since I reboot these machines less often than new kernels come up), I have to manually uninstall the latest-installed kernel, then reinstall. It's a pain in the ass.

So. I want to repartition them. Oort is fairly easy. One big root and a tiny boot. Worse comes to worse, I just copy the boot partition contents to root and stop using the separate boot partition. Easy.

Rigel is harder. Rigel has several partitions, to separate things like the website docroots from mail from home from etc. This is wasteful, since it creates artificial limits on some areas while leaving lots of wasted space in others. SO, I want to redo the whole thing into a single partition. There's enough space on the root partition to move everything from the others into it and then remove them. Can anyone recommend a tool for then removing those partitions and expanding the root partition to fill the drive? If not, I expect I'll just hook up another drive, copy everything over, rebuild the partitions, then copy everything back. I'm just hoping to minimize the already considerable downtime this is going to cause.
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