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I have two plasma globes. We bought them as decorations for my 25th birthday party, which means they're nearly 7.5 years old. The big 12" one is taking up space in my office, currently sitting on a wall-mounted monitor shelf. The little 4" one has been hiding in the office closet. After a minor search of the closet floor, I haven't found the power supply for the big one, but did find the supply for the little one. I didn't remember it being green. I wonder if that's because it's so old, or if it's just my memory. The big one's power supply must be in one of the various boxes full of power supplies elsewhere in the house.

Also in the closet is a cardboard box, taped shut, labeled 'robots'. I should open it and confirm that, but let's assume it's true for the moment.

Anybody want any of them?

I've got some other stuff from the closet that I'll probably offer up later, when I dig it out.

Oh, and I've got a baseless apple graphite CRT in working-last-time-i-tried-it-several-years-ago condition under the desk that I'd love to give to a good, or even abusive, home, rather than throw away.
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