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Alright, kids. Some of you may be aware, but I bet most are not, that The Jones is going bye-bye. Due to the time required to maintain the high levels of both service and snoot - and, I suspect, the difficulties in making money with such in the current economic downturn zombie-apocalypse - they're closing down and reopening a couple weeks later as the Roosevelt Ale House.

Their last day as the Jones will be 28 July, and they'll reopen on 14 August.

So, I'm thinking there need to be one or two outings in the next couple weeks, while we still can. Perhaps the next couple fridays? Who's in?

Subject: Our two babies
Date:    Mon, 13 Jul 2009 21:45:22 -0700
No, our daughter hasn't arrived yet, although today is her official due date. We're still waiting excitedly.

As the two of us approach first-time parenthood, we grow increasingly aware of the energy that our other baby, The Jones Bistro and Lounge, rightfully requires of us. We love The Jones, but not as much as our family, so we're making a major change.

Tuesday, July 28th will be the last day of business for The Jones. We will be closed for a couple of weeks while we thrash about with lumber, nails and paint, re-opening on Friday, August 14th as Roosevelt Ale House.

It will be a great place to watch a game, have a couple of beers (11 on tap and many more in bottles), grab a bite of tasty comfort food, play some pool, gather with friends for cocktails, or just hang out. We'll have a kids' menu available until 9:00 every night, and we'll be pouring drinks until 2 AM. It'll be a neighborhood joint with friendly service, high definition sports and rock & roll. We're VERY excited.

Our last day as The Jones will be Tuesday the 28th, so if you want the Tagliata or the chocolate terrine once more, now's the time. We certainly hope that your love of The Jones' food will entice you, but if that's not enough, try this on for size: we will be selling all of our remaining bottle-only wine inventory at 60% of the listed prices!

All of you have been so supportive and kind to us these last four years - we look forward to seeing you soon at The Jones, and not much later at Roosevelt Ale House!

Much love and many thanks!
Michelle & Scott
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