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Twitter posts from 05 July to 11 July

From my Twitter stream:
sun 12:07am@hollyking hey.. loree's been tryhing to call you to pick you up
sun 12:22am@hollyking bastards!
sun 12:22amOoh, a police siren. Is it too much to hope?
sun 12:23amHm. My clever remote controlled gazebo lights keep turning on. Not so clever after all.
sun 12:24am*BOOM* Yup. Too much to hope. Sigh.
sun 12:50amThings are finally quiet in sunrise heights.
mon 09:04amAm awake, and not pleased to be. Have to give a demo in 2.4 hours. Don't wanna.
mon 09:07amAt this time yesterday, it was nearly 88deg in my office. Now it's 66. Might need to put pants on.
mon 09:14am@GeekGirlsRule I don't disagree. But when we went to bed it was still configured for hot weather up here. so now I'm freezing.
mon 09:14am@GeekGirlsRule I've since closed most of the windows and turned off the fans.
mon 10:07amReally should have found something better for breakfast than pizza snacks.
mon 10:17am@beaq they ARE tasty. much better in the toaster oven than the microwave.
mon 10:53am@vixy c'mon over. there're plenty more.
mon 02:58pm1130: demo. Ended 1:20. 1:30: concall. Ended 2:40. Where did my day go?
mon 03:55pmWait, Bellevue is going to fine retailers for their carts being off-property? Punishing people for having been stolen from? WTF?
mon 04:00pm@GeekGirlsRule oh. right.
mon 04:05pm@GeekGirlsRule productivity is for the weak.
mon 04:20pm@sistawendy not.. quite. Fining them for having their car stolen, sure.
mon 05:20pm@tereshkova2001 I think that might even be a half-world problem.
mon 05:21pmRT dresdencodak: Stephen Hawking officially throws in with transhumanism:
tue 09:41am@saurik any fix for lockscreen widget transparency?
tue 09:52amHm. Just realized my lock widget problem might be a fixed bug in winterboard, not a new bug. *pokes at his themes*
tue 10:32am@Jenk3 about damned time. ::)
tue 11:28am@evernote I avoid such contests. they offend me. Which is doubly annoying, 'cause I could really use one of those scanners.
tue 11:49am@djwudi I've got 18. tho the 2 ICQ accounts are disabled right now, as is my old spam-attacked msn account.
tue 11:49am3 AIM, 2 ICQ, 4 MSN, 3 Y!, 2 gmail, facebook, lj,, myspace
tue 12:10pm@djwudi well, icq and aim are basically the same thing now. all my icq contacts show up in aim.
tue 11:07pmDid I really not have anything better to do with the last 3hr than write a complicated fake-data populator for my scheduling system?
wed 10:58amHm. If I used pandora enough to hit the 40hr cap, I probably wouldn't pay the $1 to go beyond, 'cause the rec's aren't that great anymore.
wed 11:13am@seattleweekly well, I /don't/ use it enough to hit the cap. But, no, if I did hit it, I'd just switch to itunes or something.
wed 11:14am@seattleweekly Once upon a time, it was awesome. I'd find new stuff I liked every other track. Not so much anymore.
wed 11:15am@seattleweekly Realistically, I use it maybe half an hour or less a month these days, mostly on my iphone.
wed 11:16am@seattleweekly Now, if it was still providing me with good discovery, I probably /would/ consider paying for Pandora One.
wed 11:22am@seattleweekly oh, I can't argue it's not a reasonable price. It's just, sadly, not worth it to me.
wed 11:23am@seattleweekly I dunno. Maybe I just need to clear out my stations and start over. But as it stands, I get better new finds from KNDD. ::/
wed 11:40amRT, since I'm interested too: @seattleweekly - [...] is anyone who uses Pandora for 40 hrs a month not willing to pay $1? #pandora
wed 11:40am@scottru if it did, I'd insist on lucrative base salary PLUS damsels.
wed 11:41am@scottru and that url didn't work.
wed 11:52am@Jenk3 Some do. Heck, I'm listening to it now, tho only because I've been discussing it.
wed 11:53am@scottru heh. bitly throws a warning for the cache link. "Strategic" position.. so, we're talking 50 megatons, minimum, right?
wed 11:59amhm. Yeah, I need to write a greasemonkey script to let me block and report spam in one click. ::P
wed 12:00pmHm. #pandora has really cranked up the frequency of ads since I last listened, too. ::P
wed 12:12pm@firesign3000 well, yes. but now i'm getting them every 8 songs, instead of every lots-more-than-that like I used to. Not incentive to stay.
wed 12:59pmOk, the high-density ads seem to've been an aberration. haven't had any for a while. Lots of crap music tho.
wed 01:23pmTrying that again... Under $25 fail:
wed 02:06pmYay it's precipitating! Barely a sprinkle, but.
wed 02:21pmAt Zippy's with L for lunch.
wed 03:22pm@GeekGirlsRule ...
wed 03:22pm@GeekGirlsRule no, sorry, yeah, stabbing is warranted.
wed 03:23pm@thinkgeek *sigh* I never should have let expire.
wed 10:37pmI just made my first commit since the 26th. But, weekly view works! BWAHAHA[...]HAHAHA.
wed 10:37pmNo, I haven't lost my mind during this last week and a half. I know right where it is. I hope it comes back soon.....
thu 08:23amHm. how long to wait before assuming they haven't set up autopay yet, and manually paying my comcast bill? A week, I think.
thu 08:26am@tedder42 Someone put a bag over the camera.
thu 01:06pmI need a real job, with vacation time. 'cause I need to be able to drive to KS and back to retrieve my desk.
thu 01:07pm... I suppose that implies I need to create a place to put my desk in the house, too. But that's neither here nor there.
thu 01:17pm@vixy well, the place to put the desk doesn't exist at all, so it's nowhere.
thu 01:22pmI just realized why my testing is going so slow. I filled my database full of data, so it's having to search out three weeks. oops.
thu 01:47pm@vixy I could be smoking crack, but it might be related to twitter/facebook crossposting. flagging things to or to-not be posted to fb?
thu 02:20pmHm. "Sr RoR dev" for a "large financial services company" "invested in expanding [...] within online media and web based automated trading"
thu 02:34pmI have four movie-showtimes apps on my phone. none does an adequate job differentiating imax/3d shows. titles are too long to see 3D suffix
thu 02:35pmAdd to that the fact that none can do online buying for all theatres, and things get less useful fast. Glad they were all free.
thu 02:37pmDeleting moviefone and flixster as being unusable crap. I swear, they both used to be better. Flixster can't even find theatres now.
thu 03:48pmJob sounds interesting. Go with step two.
thu 03:49pmMeanwhile transformers IMAX with L
thu 04:13pmBest part (so far) of unlimted anytime minutes? Calling the NIST clock long enough for it to hang up on me.
thu 07:37pmAt SouthCenter for iMac transformers 2.
thu 07:38pmPreroll ad for District 9 makes me want to see it even more.
thu 10:55pmOk. So. That was a movie. It... wasn't the worst I've ever seen. Possibly the worst I've ever sat all the way through.
thu 10:55pmDefinitely the worst L and I have ever sat through together.
thu 10:59pmAnybody know of a way to see the full-sized amazon-remembers images?
thu 10:59pmThat is, after you've taken the picture and sent it off, and it shows up on your gateway page, I can only see thumbnails...
fri 10:58am@tedder42 Wind, simple vandalism, privacy psychosis. Who knows.
fri 11:01am@mcmoots Just set your OWN consultant's quotes in haettenschweiler.
fri 12:05pmHm. I'm getting about 2.2mbps on my 30mbps comcast line. This is my surprised face. ::|
fri 12:10pm@ComcastBonnie Creepy random let-me-help messages from twitter! I like it. ;;) Sure.
fri 12:27pm@CupcakeGoth get it tattooed on? ::)
fri 12:28pm@mcmoots I keep reading that as 'gooseberry-orange'. I think you should try that.
fri 01:13pm@ComcastBonnie email sent, from
fri 01:54pm@CupcakeGoth I can't argue with that.
fri 01:54pm@spunquee I'll send some adults over.
fri 02:42pm35th at Othello, 4+ cops, fire truck (across from fire station), people on sidewalk.
fri 08:33pmWith help from @ComcastBonnie, I think I've established that Hylonome is having some sort of Problem. I'm'a try setting up Vanth to replace.
sat 12:57amSaw Up again, this time with @beaq. Cried at the opening montage, again.
sat 08:47pmI wish brightkite would implement oauth connection to twitter, instead of wanting my password. I don't wanna give it to them.
sat 08:53pmHow do turtles grow shells?

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