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Cool Tools - Butter Bell - Maybe you're comfortable with leaving the butter out as-is on the counter for days on end. For those who aren't, but still want the convenience and pleasure that a steady, safe supply of spreadable yet fresh butter provides: the Butter Bell. It swall[...]
Boing Boing - Creative Commons licensed secret society for promoting girls' literacy - AD sez, "Girls Guild is an ancient secret society complete with a mythological back-story set in Atlantis, secret code and handshake, nemesis, and (perhaps) soon-to-be-ubiquitous symbol -- but with a twist: all of the secrets, iconography and legend[...]
Boing Boing - Wal-Mart's Twitter Account Comes with a 3,379-word Terms of Use Agreement - Only lawyers, EULA collectors and legal obsessives will find this funny, but it cracked me up: care to access the 140-character pearls of wisdom streaming forth from Wal-Mart's Twitter account? Well, first you have to agree to the 3,379-word Terms of[...]
Boing Boing - Citizen Engineer: open source hardware comic and kits - Our pals at Adafruit Industries have launched a new series of kits that include a full color comic book/zine. The first volume of Citizen Engineer is all about SIM card hacking and has the parts to build your own SIM card reader/writer. Citizen Engi[...]
Lifehacker - Open a Banana like a Monkey [Food Hacks] - The image associated with this post is best viewed using a browser.There is a strong chance that you've been opening bananas wrong your whole life. Take a cue from our simian friends and start opening a banana with the efficiency of a hungry monkey. [...]
MAKE Magazine - Designing walls for robot bricklayers - The folks at The Wolfram Blog sent us a link to this story about using Mathematica to design unconventionally shaped, but (hopefully) structurally sound, brick walls that robotic masons might build. The author of the piece, Chris Carlson, Wolfram's C[...]
Jonathan Coulton - Six Word Memoir - The coffee shop I frequent here in Brooklyn is filled with lots of other people who are, like me, using it as an office. I can't imagine the work that everyone else is doing is quite as important as my own work, which is mostly avoiding the OTHER wor[...]
Lifehacker - Peak Performance Times for Morning People and Night Owls [Sleep] - The image associated with this post is best viewed using a browser.If asked, odds are most of you already identify as either a morning person or night owl. A new study says these classifications can be used to help determine optimal times when each g[...]

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