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Boing Boing - Sarah Palin, via Twitter: God told me to sue the internet - Wonkette has a post up about @AKGovSarahPalin's crazy late-night twitter bender. She's gonna have to give up that handle, no? Anyway, after you slog through all the crazy ungrammatical Palinglish rambling, the point seems to be that a "higher calling[...]
MAKE Magazine - Day planner clock erases itself - Il-Gu Cha's Trace of Time clock incorporates a whiteboard-esque erasable face and an eraser built into the hour hand - See a video of it in action here. [via] Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Arts | Digg this!
Seattlest - Runaway Shopping Carts Plague Bellevue Streets - Shared by Marty While I don't generally side with business over consumer, the businesses here ARE the victims. The carts have been /stolen from them/. So, you're punishing the victims of a crime for the thieves' behaviour. WTF. "Safeway Cart" by t[...]
Boing Boing - Justice Department to review wireless carriers for anti-competitive practices - The DOJ is reviewing large American telecoms including ATT and Verizon over concerns the companies have abused the increasingly centralized market power they've gained in recent years, according to an item in the Wall Street Journal today: The revie[...]
Lords and Ladies of Leisure - 5 things to do before you get a job - Get a freaking tan. The sun is out (or was) and a good dose of Vitamin D will improve your mood. Men - your super white ass upper thighs need to see the sun for once in their life. Strap on a Speedo. Grab [...]
Lifehacker - Repel Flies with a Bag of Water [Summer] - We've featured many, many, many different ways to deal with mosquitoes using DIY solutions. But what about the even more common household fly? Turns out all you need to deal with that is a plastic bag or two. Photo by brookage. RickyC wrote in to tel[...]

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