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Martin Tithonium

So, I haven't been doing the whole get-my-free-credit-report-every-four-months thing like I'd planned, since I don't use the task manager I'd been using to remind me of it anymore.

But, having been reminded by I don't remember what, I went to go get them.
TransUnion won't let me have it yet, because it hasn't been a year since the last one. Oh, that was August. Ok.
Experian says "For security reasons, we are unable to provide immediate access to your personal credit report.", and wants to send me a letter and I can't be bothered.
So, Equifax it is.
And, because I like numbers that don't mean anything to anybody who actually contributes to society, I paid them for my credit score as usual. 721. Down from August (836) but higher than last April (698).

And there's an account showing as open, with $0 balance, which should be closed.
Interestingly, the credit score says "You have a relatively high number of consumer finance company accounts being reported". It doesn't care that all but one of them are closed, nor that two of them were opened by mistake and never used (window company contacted loan company about financing the windows, and they wouldn't give us enough to pay for it, so we didn't use them. but they (the loan company) opened the accounts anyway, because they're apparently asshats). But, whatever.

Still need another kilobuck a month. Or five.
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