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Twitter posts from 28 June to 04 July

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:51am@dreamingcrow so THAT's why you needed the spare!
sun 01:00pmSitting at the edge of the farmers market with the dog while L shops.
sun 05:16pmPlease throw money at the geeks too lazy to get it themselves:
mon 11:38amI'm procrastinating starting on a week-long rewrite of major functionality (15 days before beta, I'll note) by fighting with linux kernels.
mon 11:42amFor some reason, 2.6.28 won't boot on Vanth, a dual P3 network engines blazer. But 2.6.27 works great.
mon 11:42amI miss the days when linux Just Worked on any hardware you chose to throw it at.
mon 01:44pm@westseattleblog But you make them so easy to steal, of COURSE you meant them to be stolen!
mon 01:45pm@westseattleblog I think it's more that the people who steal them would steal the others too, if it were as convenient.
mon 04:06pmThe ruby interpreter that textmate goes to on %R doesn't mind unicode variables. The command line one barfs on them.
mon 04:09pmRT @dresdencodak: First ever solid state quantum processor:
mon 04:54pm@icebluenothing Thanks. 'cause I wasn't feeling particularly depressed yet today.
mon 06:10pm@westseattleblog well, the list on my profile is visible to me and not-logged-in. but the full list throws an error for me.
tue 12:10am@TwitterFon make it optional and get rid of the arrow when it's off.
tue 10:40amWacky. Watching last night's Countdown, and they're talking about Jackson's will, and @cnnbrk comes up saying they found one.
tue 10:45am@dresdencodak that's what twitter's good for.
tue 11:08amIs it bad to find a project in your workspace called 'Muninn' and be unable to remember what it was going to be?
tue 11:15am@GeekGirlsRule aw, you make me love humanity all over again. no, wait, that other thing,
tue 11:18amthree pure-spam follows in 18 hours, two in the past 7 minutes. a new personal best.
tue 12:25pmHave played with a Kindle DX. Must own a Kindle DX.
tue 12:26pm@mcmoots oddly enough, I am not.
tue 12:48pmFire boat on the bay
tue 01:49pmAwesome. A box colo'd here just got me /eight/ copyright-violation notices in 12 minutes. Mostly for porn.
tue 02:06pm@firesign3000 Not so much, no. ::/
tue 04:03pmtwo phone spam today.
tue 04:51pm@mcmoots I find that hard to believe.
tue 09:13pmIf I'm gonna use brightkite, I'm gonna hafta remember to check back in at home when I get here.
tue 09:15pmReally, I just need to get my auto-tracking code working again, and tie it to brightkite, fireeagle, etc. *sigh*
wed 03:10amSpent most of day unable to focus on code. Have spent evening trying to make up for it. Decent success. Grid good, headers broken. Sleep.
wed 03:19amDear job description: no, you do not 'peak' my interest.
wed 10:48am@darkmane you may have gone to far there. No human being, no matter how douchebag, deserves to be Rush Limbaugh.
wed 10:53amI think maybe this weekend I need to spend time reorganizing my office. I really need to put the window fans at opposite ends.
wed 10:53amIt gets too warm with the fan blowing right on me, but too hot without. circulation is the key.
wed 11:23am@darkmane I suppose that's a reasonable point.
wed 03:33pm@vixy just 'cause we're old enough to remember them doesn't make us right.
wed 03:34pm@vixy no, wait, I'm wrong. it /does/ make us right. nevermind.
wed 05:56pmmaking myself soup, and trying to figure out which containing div's preventing scrollLeft from working.
wed 05:57pmOut of carrots. out of celery. potatoes and onion and turkey and noodles. *waits for boiling*
wed 06:30pmSoup finished. Tasty, but too hot to eat. Waiting is.
wed 10:25pmdamnit damnit damnit. I had everything working, I thought. but the vertical scrolling is still broken.
wed 10:26pmok. enough. I've been working on this for 12 hours now, give or take, minus the hour or so I spent making dinner. I'll finish this tomorrow.
thu 08:36am@vixy could be worse. Could be two steps forward, fall flat on you face, drown in your own mucus.
thu 08:36amMy, I'm cheerful today.
thu 08:44am@vixy hrmph.
thu 09:00am@vixy I disapprove of such things. But I fear the day I take the same position I did on ebay sniping.
thu 09:19am@GeekGirlsRule how's your advanced Javascript?
thu 12:31pm@vixy I know you love my mucus stories.
thu 12:31pm@GeekGirlsRule Well, I've got it mostly finished. So you just fix this one bug in Safari and I'll work on ... forcible candy-extraction.
thu 12:45pm@GeekGirlsRule *reads post* I'm very concerned about your wait. It's gonna kill you some day. That or the bus.
thu 12:58pmfor some reason, in safari, deleting a column moves all the appointments WAY left. why why why why why?
thu 01:04pm@darkmane sorry, with which? puns about drawbridges, threats about javascript, or reminders about piñatas?
thu 01:09pm@darkmane oooh. maybe too subtle? or have we become too accustomed to people who can't/don't differentiate weight/wait? text is hard.
thu 01:15pm@GeekGirlsRule just try it, and I'll tell everybody your underwear doesn't match your outfit!
thu 01:17pm@icebluenothing I get the last one any time I drive. or leave the house. or watch the news. or am awake.
thu 01:23pm@GeekGirlsRule I'll post it to the internet. Everybody will believe me!
thu 01:34pmYes, yes, let's corrupt the system for our commercial purposes. Let's make /everybody/ into a spammer. *growl*
thu 01:35pm@GeekGirlsRule Hrmph!
thu 01:35pm@jonathancoulton see, that I could almost support.
thu 03:09pm@GeekGirlsRule ... your psychic powers don't work if I'm not at my computer. I was busy watching the guy.
thu 03:11pm@westseattleblog suspicious person(s) in sunrise heights. green ford pickup, apparently scavenging. stole a bit of detritus from my alley.
thu 03:14pm(just a bit of chainlink fencepost that was holding up the wooden rear fence, but still)
thu 03:16pm@employeeze Wait, there are amateur porn stars mass-following people? Do we get free samples if we follow back?
thu 03:28pmHm. Went downstairs to check. Green pickup still there, cop car was parked outside. Looked again a minute later, cop car gone. *shrug*
thu 03:29pmI hope they didn't knock. I'm upstairs and wouldn't've heard them.
thu 04:05pmOk. I feel /really/ stupid now. The problem was cumulativeScrollOffset instead of positionedOffset. Old code that never got updated.
thu 05:06pmOk. It works in firefox and safari. I said it would take four days to rewrite. Thus ends the 4th day. Tomorrow, I should poke at week view.
thu 09:37pmTired. We re-installed the yard lights. Need to reinstall the power block and bulbs tomorrow.
thu 09:56pm@employeeze Just replied on that job you forwarded, thanks. Feel free to toss anything else you think I'd be good for at me.
thu 10:57pm@drakemonger url please.
thu 11:06pm@drakemonger for the calculus, that is.
thu 11:09pm@employeeze Ah hell. The job is actually in pittsburgh.
thu 11:12pm@drakemonger no, i'm just trying to be funny.
fri 11:42am@westseattleblog you're there? oh, you have the maximum amount of sympathy I'm capable of generating.
fri 12:16pmOh, yay. Experian can't authenticate me. Idiots.
fri 01:42pm@caladri something she can actually cause damage with, I suspect.
fri 02:33pm80deg at Nerdvana. 80deg IN Nerdvana, 1st floor. Ceiling upstairs?100deg. Dying.
fri 06:30pm@mcmoots I'm from Kansas, for christs sake, and I still think it's too hot. Know why? In kansas, they've heard of Air Conditioning!
sat 11:18pmNeighbors setting off big loud bangs now. Much more annoying than the little stuff. Would call the cops if I thought it would do any good.
sat 11:33pm@westseattleblog or noise laws for that matter. *sigh*
sat 11:34pmLooks like the big stuff in my neighborhood is mostly coming from the park a block north of here.
sat 11:56pmDamnit! I just mark-all-read'd in greader, when I meant to click the Folder Settings button.
sat 11:56pmHad some unread items from a week or two back. I'll never find them in the read pile.

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