Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I've clearly been working too hard.

I rarely dream about work.
Even rarer are dreams about code. I can think of /twice/ it's happened before.

Last night, I was having /nightmares/ about code. I kept waking up, heart racing, because this one div would render /completely/ differently depending whether I hard-coded it into the page or send it in an ajax request. Like, /entirely/ differently, and I Just Couldn't Get It To Work, and it was driving me completely insane.

Very clearly, I've been working too hard. This week has been spent rewriting a schedule grid from a series of divs inside tables inside divs inside tables, with columns all set flloat:left, to a series of divs inside divs inside divs, with the inner grid divs all absolutely positioned inside the outer relatively positioned divs, so I can have the entire thing scroll around inside its container while keeping the rest of the page stationary. That's been my entire week so far. I'm almost done with it. I still have a problem where the innermost container of the grid is scrolling internally and being cut off within the outer container that is supposed to be the one that scrolls. I think I've just got it setting its height somewhere it shouldn't, but will need to track it down.

And then this morning, I'm woken up WAYTF too early by loree yelling at the dog for puking on the bathroom rug. And I'm Awake, and there's no way I'm getting back to sleep. While I did go to bed around midnight, and would normally be able to function just fine with 7 hours sleep, it doesn't count if you're waking up every ten minutes.

So, today, everything and everyone can die in a fire.
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