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Now look what you've done

Werner walked out of the office with me.... He asked if he should have a meeting for the team to air their gripes - to which I said maybe, tho I don't know if it would be productive - and that he's talking to the team individually in 1:1s. Then things turned to me. Michael sent him an email, very interested in keeping me, etc etc. I ended up saying that I don't expect things to get any better, that I've been waiting for years for it to get better, etc etc. We talked money for a bit. 'cause, yeah, I /can/ be bought. I told him $250k per year, no problem, I'll stay. He says that's unreasonable. I agree. But, you know, 60 isn't enough, 250 is, somewhere in there's the tipping point. He asks what he should tell michael.

I told him to have michael come up with two numbers, what he's getting me and how long I'll wait. If I like both numbers, I'll stay. If not, we're done.

'Cause, I'm tired. Either they can buy me off or they can't, no more dancing.

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